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Making Life Your Masterpiece as a Girl with Vitiligo

When I think of the term “masterpiece,” I think of art – more traditional art, like a painting by Picasso. Yet a recent mindfulness exercise challenged my idea of a masterpiece and opened my eyes to the possibility of turning my life as a girl with vitiligo into just that.

The exercise prompted you to treat each day of your life as your masterpiece. What does your best work – your best self – look like? What would you achieve every day? What does success look like to you? The question inspired me.

So often, I think it’s easy to let life as a girl with vitiligo shape me – I lose control, because I have no control of the skin condition that is taking over my body. I let my skin influence my everyday decisions – where I go, what I wear and how I feel about myself. And I’m willing to be I’m not alone.

So what if we could change that rhythm? What if we, as girls with vitiligo, could take back control of our lives by making life our masterpiece?

Imagining your life as a girl with vitiligo as a masterpiece

Oprah once said, “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” That’s not to say it won’t take some hard work and dedication, but she has a point. If you can create a vision for your life and go after it, you will eventually become that vision.

So what if your vision, your masterpiece? What does the best version of you look like, whether it’s in the everyday moments or the big picture of your life? The answer can be a paragraph, a quote, a couple of things you want to achieve every day – whatever fits your vision.

Personally, I get frustrated with the things in life that I think could be better. So my masterpiece, my vision, is to be the good and the change that I want to see in the world. Now how do I apply that to my life with vitiligo? On an everyday level, it’s about finding my own confidence and the courage to love my life with this condition – making my life better because I believe it can be. In the big picture, I started this blog, Living Dappled, to help other girls do the same – own their spots and love their lives.

My masterpiece is rather vague and open. You can also make yours specific. For example, your masterpiece might be that you spend time with family, compliment others and meditate once a day. Or perhaps you’re inspired by a quote or a picture that has significant meaning to you.

The point of the exercise is to spend time thinking about and envisioning the best possible version of your life – and then going after that with everything you have. You have the chance to make your life as a girl with vitiligo your masterpiece. Will you take it?

What is your masterpiece? Share below in the comments.

Photo by Instagram user @sarahdedeken.

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Erika Page

Erika Page is a writer and blogger with universal vitiligo. Her first spots appeared on her spine when she was seven years old and today vitiligo covers her entire body. Based just south of Washington, D.C., Erika founded Living Dappled to create a community of inspiration and hope for girls and women living with vitiligo.

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