New Campaign Raises Awareness on the Emotional Impact of Skin Conditions

This summer, A Children’s House for the Soul published a new short film to raise awareness around the emotional impact of skin conditions. “I Was Made a Masterpiece,” produced by Positive Exposure and Vacant Light, features parents, families and doctors talking about the implications of a life with skin diseases.

According to A Children’s House for the Soul, skin diseases affect approximately 20% of children and teens, and 5% of the population is affected by significant birthmarks.

“Unlike other medical conditions, children with skin disease have no choice in sharing it with others,” said Alanna Bree, Founder and Director of A Children’s House for the Soul. “They wear their disease every day; it is the first thing that others notice about them.”

As a result, children with skin diseases often feel alone and misunderstood. They are more likely to struggle with social withdrawal, lack of confidence, and depression. Throughout the film, parents and children share their own emotional experiences with skin diseases and talk about the need for emotional support from doctors.

To help raise awareness for those with visible differences, A Children’s House for the Soul is challenging others to take picture that celebrate their own skin conditions and birthmarks and share them on social media with #IWasMadeAMasterpiece. For full details, visit

View the short film below and visit for more information.

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Erika Page

Erika Page is a writer and blogger with universal vitiligo. Her first spots appeared on her spine when she was seven years old and today vitiligo covers her entire body. Based just south of Washington, D.C., Erika founded Living Dappled to create a community of inspiration and hope for girls and women living with vitiligo.

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