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Welcome to Living Dappled!


We’re a vitiligo blog and lifestyle guide. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, a long-time ‘dappled darling,’ or a friend or advocate for vitiligo, you’ve come to the right place – and we’re glad you’re here.


Living with vitiligo can be difficult. It’s an unexpected change that can rob you of feelings of control and confidence. It can destroy your notions of beauty and identity. And in many ways, it can turn your everyday life upside down. We know this – because we’ve lived it.


That’s why we’re imagining life with vitiligo. By bringing you the latest news on treatments, makeup, advocacy and personal stories, we hope to arm you with the information, inspiration and support you need to take on vitiligo with confidence.

Our Manifesto

Our resolution is simple: to re-imagine life with vitiligo.


We’re re-imagining beauty – because we believe beauty isn’t defined by models but rather by those who model true beauty.


We’re re-imagining identity – by celebrating who we are more often than what we look like.


We’re re-imagining confidence – as we learn to navigate a life full of unexpected change.


We’re re-imagining the future – by bringing you news and information about the latest treatments and medical updates from leading experts.


We’re re-imagining the 1% – because while that might feel lonely, it makes us 75 million strong.


We’re re-imagining life with vitiligo – and you’re invited.


Meet the brands that support us


We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our partners. These companies not only offer great products and services to those with vitiligo, but support us in our mission to give you the resources and information you need to re-imagine life with vitiligo.

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In order to provide content free of charge to readers, this site does include sponsored content. Living Dappled is also a member of several affiliate programs and may make a commission on clicks and purchases from some links within this site and related social media properties (Facebook and Instagram). We strive to work with brands and organizations that represent the opinions of our featured community members and fit the collective lifestyle of girls and women with vitiligo. We will always be transparent with readers when working with brands by posting in the blogs when paid content is included. Thanks for supporting the brands that support us!


Help us credit our contributors!


Living Dappled relies heavily on user-generated photography to tell the vitiligo story. We make an effort to ask for permission to use images or purchase the appropriate rights. To the best of our ability, every image on this blog has been properly credited and linked back to the original owner. If you find an image that is not properly attributed, please contact us and we will fix it as soon as possible.