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Living Dappled is written by the girls and women who know vitiligo best – those living with it, and the mothers of those living with it. Everyone on Living Dappled’s team writes for the blog, contributing to the vitiligo story one blog post at a time.


Meet some of the women that are giving of their time and talent to bring you Living Dappled every day.

Erika Page

Founder + Editor-in-Chief


Erika Page is a writer and blogger with universal vitiligo. Her first spots appeared on her spine when she was seven years old and today vitiligo covers her entire body. Based just south of Washington, D.C., Erika founded Living Dappled to create a community of inspiration and hope for girls and women living with vitiligo.


As the editor-in-chief, Erika puts her seven years of marketing and PR experience to work for the vitiligo community, overseeing branding, story development and marketing. In between, she shares research, news and personal stories and perspectives in posts like The Difference Between Vitiligo and Albinism and Why it Matters and The Secret to Being “Strong Enough” to Live with Vitiligo.


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Deepa Mistry

Contributor + Community Manager


Getting vitiligo at the age of two, Deepa has never known a life without spots. Growing up with vitiligo has taught her to be stronger and more confident in herself, a perspective she hopes to spread through Living Dappled. A second-year college student based in New York, Deepa Mistry is studying Biochemistry and Economics and plans to pursue a career in research to learn more about skin disorders like vitiligo.


Deepa is the heart of our Instagram community, providing daily encouragement and support to our #DappledDarling community through likes and comments. On Living Dappled, she talks about being a college student with vitiligo and shares her love of music in her blogs How I Survived My First College Semester as a Girl with Vitiligo and Music Playlists for Girls with Vitiligo in Every Mood.


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Simone Girma



A senior at Syracuse University, Simone Girma is pursuing a dual degree in Television, Radio and Film and Civic Engagement. She’s had vitiligo for eight years and has learned how to appreciate the story of her skin – something she aims to share with readers.


As a contributor for Living Dappled, Simone puts her passion for writing to work covering both her own journey and the pieces on advocacy and education. Some of her top posts include 5 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy with Vitiligo.


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Tiffany Grant



Tiffany Posteraro Grant is a New York-based entrepreneur and founder of It’s Called Vitiligo, a project that features the stories of those with vitiligo. In her free time, she enjoys fitness, reading and time spent with her husband and two corgis.


As a contributor for Living Dappled, Tiffany shares advocacy and personal stories about living with vitiligo. Read about her experience following World Vitiligo Day here: I Went to the World Vitiligo Day Conference… And Then This Happened.


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Sara Conley



New to the vitiligo community, Sara Conley has a unique perspective both as a patient and mom of a patient. Her eleven-year-old son Titus was diagnosed in the spring of 2018. Two months later Sara was also diagnosed. Both Sara and Titus have small patches of vitiligo on their eyelids and upper lips, but have chosen to seek treatment and are seeing some repigmentation. Sara lives with her husband Kenny, and children Titus, Genevieve, and Elle in a suburb town of Phoenix, Arizona.


As a writing contributor, Sara shares what it is like to navigate the emotions and decisions of a new diagnosis both personally and as a parent of a patient. You can read Sara’s diagnosis story here: I Found Out I Had Vitiligo…Two Months After My Son.


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Julie Hartley



Julie Hartley is a proud mom to Leah, an eight year old girl living with vitiligo. Leah loves animals, art and playing with friends – and is coming to understand vitiligo with her mom by her side. Julie lives in Northern Kentucky with the two other members of the Hartley family – her husband Chad and son Chase.


When it comes to Living Dappled, Julie shares a mother’s perspective on dealing with vitiligo and is also a brand adviser, brainstorming new ideas, building handbooks and marketing the blog. Some of her most-read posts include The 4 Emotional Stages of Vitiligo: A Mother’s Perspective and From Drama to Discussion: How Journaling Helped My Child with Vitiligo.


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Devan Drabik

Partnership Director 


Devan brings over a decade of experience in development, marketing and advocacy to Living Dappled. She has worked in both the non-profit and government sectors, and currently serves as Director of ExploreHBG, promoting tourism in Pennsylvania’s capital city.


Devan resides in Harrisburg, PA where she is active in her community, serving on 5 boards and commissions. In her free time, she is passionate about advocating for women’s rights and has served as an NGO delegate to the United Nations.

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Join the Team


We’re a passionate team of women telling and curating the vitiligo story. We’re always on the lookout for new writers, photographers, editors and marketing gurus to work with. Send us a note if you’re interested in working with us.