World Vitiligo Day Featured on WJBK Fox 2 News out of Michigan

This past weekend, WJBK Fox 2 News featured World Vitiligo Day as a weekend segment in honor of the worldwide celebration on Sunday, June 25.

The segment was hosted by Lee Thomas, the channel’s entertainment reporter, who has been living with vitiligo for many years. Although Lee regularly wears makeup on TV, he appeared without his makeup for this special segment in which he interviewed Lori Glenn Harris, a school teacher; Dr. John Harris, a dermatologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School; and Dr. Iltefat Hamzavi, a dermatologist at Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan.

See what these leaders in the vitiligo community had to say about World Vitiligo Day and the state of vitiligo today:


Photo by Instagram user and photographer @elisabethva.

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