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3 Women with Vitiligo Spill Their Favorite Beauty Brands & Foundations

3 Women with Vitiligo Spill Their Favorite Beauty Brands & Foundations

woman with vitiligo makeup on her arm

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Looking for makeup to cover your vitiligo but unsure of where to start? You are not alone. Many women choose to cover their vitiligo with foundations and camouflages. Yet, finding the best makeup for vitiligo can be difficult. Which brand has the best foundation? Is it the right color? Will it provide the coverage I want? These are just some of the questions that might come to mind as you start your search.

As someone who has lived with vitiligo for more than twenty years, I’ve spent countless hours agonizing over the same questions. That’s why I love relying on the recommendations from women who have found brands they love.

Kasey’s Favorite Vitiligo Makeup Brand: MAC

How long have you been living with vitiligo?

I got vitiligo when I was 17 and I’m 33 now. It covers about 20% of my body. I do have it on my face. It’s also around my eyes, nose and mouth.

What’s your relationship with makeup?

I wear makeup daily on my face but show my body spots. I don’t wear makeup to the gym and often I’m makeup-less for walks or quick errands, but I do probably wear it more than I would if I didn’t have vitiligo. It’s silly – I know it’s mainly for me, but I always wear makeup to work, when I’m out with friends or when I know I’ll have a camera pointed at me. My relationship with makeup – although I don’t like to admit it – is somewhat codependent.

What are your go-to foundation and beauty products?

I use MAC studio fix liquid foundation on my face, and MAC’s concealer when I want more coverage. For longer lasting coverage I set it with a matte finish Bare Minerals foundation powder. For lighter makeup looks I will just use moisturizer and the foundation powder. My everyday look is typically just MAC studio fix applied with a foundation brush.

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Denice’s Favorite Vitiligo Makeup Brand: Dermablend

How long have you been living with vitiligo?

I’ve had vitiligo for about five and a half years. I got it at the age of 39 after the birth of my son. It’s on my face, chest and hands.

What’s your relationship with makeup?

I’ve always worn a little makeup, but I don’t wear it every day. I wear as little makeup as possible unless I’m going out for a special event. Before vitiligo I suffered from acne so it helped to even out my skin tone and cover any dark marks from scarring.

What are your go-to foundation and beauty products?

I’ve used Dermablend for about four years. Dermablend Cover Cream provides full coverage with little application. The setting power provides a matte finish that lasts through the day. I apply the cover cream with a foundation sponge and the setting powder with the puff provided and then lightly dust off the excess power with a brush. I pretty much use it daily for a natural look. I think they provide a good selection for various skin tones.

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Letitia’s Favorite Vitiligo Makeup Brand: Cover FX

How long have you been living with vitiligo?

I’ve had vitiligo since my early thirties – so about twenty years. I have vitiligo vulgaris, which means it affects both sides of my body.

What’s your relationship with makeup?

I love makeup! I started wearing makeup around 17 to 18 years old. I wore well before I got vitiligo, but now I wear it so you won’t be able to see the spots on my face.

What are your go-to foundation and beauty products?

Right now I’m using Cover FX’s Power Play foundation. I love it because it’s sweat proof and transfer resistant. I usually apply it with a black beauty blender. I also use Laura Mercier translucent powder in deep medium that I also apply with a damp beauty blender. I cover my entire face with foundation and powder always have. I used to cover my hands, but I stopped that a long time ago – too much work.

Follow Letitia on Instagram at @msskelton49.

Tell us about your favorite beauty brands and foundations in the comments below!

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