Our Story

Living Dappled was founded by Erika Page, a Virginia-based writer who has lived with vitiligo for more than two decades. After getting vitiligo when she was seven years old, Erika struggled mentally but didn’t let her skin stop her from building the life she wanted. Today, vitiligo has taken over her skin – making her a small percentage of the 1% of those with vitiligo. Surprised by the lack of resources for those with vitiligo, Erika combined her passion for writing with her unique perspective on living with vitiligo to create Living Dappled.

“I lost 100% of my skin’s pigment to vitiligo – but I never let it change my life, despite the deep emotional pain and self-bullying that came with it. There is a better way to live with vitiligo – and I’ve found that now. My goal is to create the platform I wish I had as a girl growing up with vitiligo – because no one should ever feel alone in this.”

Our Mission

Today, Living Dappled is an educational and lifestyle blog that empowers those with vitiligo to find health and happiness. Our mission is three-pronged. We support those with vitiligo by sharing the raw, authentic moments that are part of living with this disease and serving as a daily confidant and coach. We educate by providing verified facts about vitiligo and the latest news and expertise in the industry. And we inspire by bringing you the tools, resources and uplifting stories that will help you build the life you want.

We can’t do this alone. We lean on our community to tell stories, share photography and be the voice we reflect through our content. We tap into the expertise of leaders across the fields of dermatology, psychology, nutrition and counseling to bring grounded research on vitiligo and its mental and physical impact. We also partner with brands that we believe have the resources and products that our readers are looking for.


Our Promise

We’re going to tell the truth about what it’s like to live with vitiligo.
We’re going to push you to reach for more, whether it’s happiness, answers or support.
We’re going to talk about how to hide vitiligo – and how to wear it with pride.
We’re going to partner with brands we believe can help you.
We’re going to arm you with the information you need about vitiligo.
We’re going to get answers to your questions from experts.
We’re going to translate medical jargon for you.
We’re going to be real and raw.
We’re going to lift you up on your worst days.
We’re going to be here with you.