What is World Vitiligo Day?

World Vitiligo Day is officially recognized on June 25th each year. The day was created to generate awareness of vitiligo, educate health care providers about care and treatment, and to raise funds for research. Since its founding, the day has become a global event, celebrating those living with the condition and raising awareness and recognition of the bullying, social neglect and psychological trauma that the millions of people living with vitiligo around the world can face.

World Vitiligo Day was established by Ogo Maduewesi, founder of VITSAF in Nigeria, and Yan Valle, CEO of the Vitiligo Research Foundation and first celebrated in 2011. Within a few years, the event became a global day of empowerment. Past global World Vitiligo Day event locations include: Rome, Italy (2012), Detroit, USA (2013), Chandigarh, India (2014), Shenyang, China (2015), Prague, the Czech Republic (2016), Sao Paulo, Brazil (2017), Boston, USA (2018), Hanoi, Vietnam (2019), Zagreb, Serbia (2020), Jakarta, Indonesia (2021), Mexico City, Mexico (2022), Almaty, Kazakhstan (2023). Past locations for the US event, WVD-USA, include: Washington, D.C. (2016), Detroit, MI (2017), Boston, MA (2018), Houston, TX (2019), Minneapolis, MN (2022), Atlanta, GA (2023).

Learn more about the history of World Vitiligo Day and check out this timeline of past World Vitiligo Day events.

Ways to Celebrate World Vitiligo Day

World Vitiligo Day is an opportunity to celebrate YOU and YOUR SKIN, raise awareness for vitiligo and advocate for the research, funding and support this community needs. Whether you’re wearing a vitiligo tshirt or hosting a fundraising and advocacy event, there are countless ways to celebrate World Vitiligo Day.  Here are just a few.

Wear Vitiligo Swag

Originally called “Purple Fun Day,” purple has become the signature color of this important day. Grab a purple t-shirt or vitiligo swag to wear your pride – and get your friends and family to do the same. Shop our favorite vitiligo tees here.

Share Your Story
Whether you’re sharing your story with friends and family, a stranger on the street or your social feed—your story matters. Your story matters because it can not only help you heal and find yourself again, but it can help others and the vitiligo community as a whole by raising awareness, inspiring others and building your confidence. Post or go live to share your story on your favorite social media account, tell a friend or family member about your experience or find local speaking opportunities in your community. You can also share your story by submitting it to projects like Spotting Beauty or Living Dappled.

Sign the United Nations Petition
Want to see World Vitiligo Day added as an official day to the United Nations calendar? Sign the petition to the UN Secretary-General. Read it below and go to www.25June.org to add your name to the 500,000+ who have already signed. Sign the petition now (scroll down to “petition” to sign).

Join a Support Group
There’s power in knowing you are not alone – and there is a vitiligo community out there waiting to embrace you. Today, there are Facebook groups, Instagram pages, local vitiligo support groups and more that all exist to support and connect those living with the condition. Support networks like VitFriends, Litty Ligo and the Vitiligo Society regularly host support group meetings, social gatherings and fundraising events. Find more ways to connect with the vitiligo community here and find a full list of support groups through the Global Vitiligo Foundation vitiligo support group directory.

Follow the Vitiligo Community on Social Media
For those with vitiligo, social media is often more than just a social network – it’s a way to find community, connection and support. Following vitiligo models, influencers, support groups, non-profits, blogs and more can help you stay connected with this community. Check out our roundup of our 28 favorite vitiligo Instagram accounts and follow Living Dappled on Instagram and Facebook. (P.S. You can also subscribe to Living Dappled to get updates via email!)

Attend or Host an Event
Organizations around the world host World Vitiligo Day events to celebrate the community, raise awareness and provide educational resources to those living with it. Create your own celebratory or fundraising event or check out some of the global events below and on our community events calendar. (Oh, and bookmark the community events calendar for later – we update it every month!)

Get a Proclamation
Spreading the word in your community about World Vitiligo day is a great way to draw even more attention to this day. One way to create local buzz for your community is by getting a proclamation. In many areas, a mayor or governor can issue a proclamation without action from the city council or state legislature. You can find out how to request a proclamation by searching your city, state and the word “proclamation.” Most states will have a form to fill out online – for example, here’s one for Minnesota. A proclamation is a great way to raise awareness in your local community and give the day prominence.

Join the Dappled Darlings Community
The Dappled Darlings Community is Living Dappled’s virtual, private membership network hosted on Facebook Groups. The Dappled Darlings Community is all about finding your people – the women who know your story, who have walked in your shoes and are ready to walk with you now. Not everyone understands what it’s like to live with vitiligo – but this group does. Each month, we host virtual meet ups and live interviews with women from around the world. Learn more and join us today.

2024 World Vitiligo Day Events

Check out these in-person and virtual World Vitiligo Day events. Registration and event details are included for each. Living Dappled is not the host of these events; please contact the event coordinators directly for more details.

2024 World Vitiligo Day – USA

Host: Global Vitiligo Foundation
Date: Friday, June 21st – Sunday, June 23rd
Time: 4:00 p.m. on Friday to 9:00 a.m. on Sunday (CT)
Type: In-person
Location: Marriott Indianapolis North, 3645 River Crossing Parkway, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Website: https://wvdusa.org/

The U.S. World Vitiligo Day celebration will be hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana. The three-day conference includes a Friday night welcoming, a full day of speakers and workshops on Saturday concluding with a dance party, and closing remarks on Sunday morning. The event is kid-friendly. Read our event guide.

Camp Victory

Host: Global Vitiligo Foundation
Date: Wednesday, June 19th – Thursday, June 20th
Time: Varies
Type: In-person
Location: Marriott Indianapolis North, 3645 River Crossing Parkway, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Website: https://gvf.joynconference.com/v2/

This special pre-WVD-USA event for kids with vitiligo aims to create a space for children and their families to learn, grow and build lasting relationships. The two-day camp will blend educational programs, compassionate counseling and the magic of shared experiences. Camp Victory is dedicated to bringing joy, support and empowerment to children living with vitiligo. Read our feature on this new event.