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50 Positive Self-Affirmations for Those with Vitiligo

50 Positive Self-Affirmations for Those with Vitiligo

Woman with vitiligo holds up a card reading "You are beautiful"

Published May 2018; Updated January 2024

Whether you love your skin or are struggling with your skin, living with vitiligo takes a certain kind of tenacity and strength to live with day to day. It’s nearly impossible to navigate the loss of your skin’s pigment without some impact on your mental health, confidence or even relationships or interactions with those around you.

In fact, it’s easy to come face-to-face with anxiety, negative self-talk and depression. And that’s before you even walk out your door each day. At any moment, a rude comment or staring eyes can tear you down and send your mind into a downward spiral. The lack of control, fear of the unknown and loss of ‘yourself’ can trigger low self-esteem, intrusive thoughts or depressed moods.

To help you face that moment, we’ve created a list of positive self-affirmations to remind you of just how strong you are.

If you’re struggling to love your skin…

Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to love the skin you’re in, as catchy as that phrase is. And while it’s 100% okay to struggle with vitiligo and the changes it brings to your skin, we can likely all use the occasional reminder to shift our perspective and re-frame the way we see our skin. 

#1 I am worthy of love, and self-love.

#2 My skin is flawless.

#3 I am more than the skin I’m in.

#4 I will smile at my reflection.

#5 I will lean into the things I love about myself.

#6 I have a beauty that is more than skin-deep.

#7 I love who I am.

If you feel overwhelmed by the lack of control…

It’s totally normal to find feeling out of control uncomfortable or hard to cope with. And although none of these affirmations can put you in control of your vitiligo, they may just help you access some control over how you feel about your vitiligo. Use liberally.

#8 My life is up to me.

#9 I don’t know what’s next, but I know I can handle it.

#10 I choose to turn my pain into purpose.

#11 My journey with vitiligo is a story of strength.

#12 I can appreciate the journey I’m on.

#13 I have the power to build the life I want.

#14 I decide how I handle whatever comes my way today.

If you find reactions from others to be hurtful…

It’s no secret that stares and insensitive comments hurt. In an ideal world, judgmental people would keep their opinions about your vitiligo to themselves, but when rude looks or thoughtless words wound, remind yourself of the truth with these affirming words.

#15 I am stronger than I know.

#16 I choose how to react to others.

#17 I have the courage to smile at those that stare.

#18 I forgive those who stare, point, judge or bully me.

#19 I have the choice to believe what people say to me.

#20 I am stronger than the stares.

#21 There is no one definition of beauty.

#22 I have people that love me as I am.

If you want a better tomorrow…

When anxiety about the future of living with an ever-changing condition like vitiligo overwhelms, focus on your agency and capability with these words that re-center you, and offer hope in the here and now.

#23 I am taking steps towards loving myself.

#24 I will be hopeful of what tomorrow brings.

#25 I can face tomorrow, no matter how my skin changes.

#26 I have the power to choose my next step.

#27 Every day is a step towards a better me.

#28 I can live the life I want.

#29 I am making the right decisions for myself as I deal with vitiligo.

If you’re struggling with comparison…

We’ve all done it, even though we probably know better. Comparing yourself to others is almost always a shortcut to discontentment. Next time you feel you don’t measure up, you can rely on these words to remind you that you are absolutely enough.

#30 I am allowed to struggle with vitiligo.

#31 I can find beauty in others.

#32 I have the confidence to send good vibes into the world.

#33 I choose happiness.

#34 I am me, and there’s nothing better.

#35 There is room for all types of beauty in the world, including mine.


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If you’re feeling like it’s too hard…

Spoiler: living with vitiligo can be hard. And if you ever feel fatigued by the fact that it can be a struggle, you’re not alone. Use these affirmations when you need to remember that even though things may feel hard, you’ve got this.

#36 I can do this.

#37 I am fearless.

#38 I turn my challenges into triumphs.

#39 Today is a good day because I choose to believe it.

#40 I am strong enough to live with vitiligo because I already have.

#41 My skin makes me a stronger person.

#42 Today is hard, but tomorrow will be a better one.

If you’re in your head too much…

A wise philosopher (okay, it was Dr. Suess) once wrote, “I’m afraid that sometimes you’ll play lonely games too. Games you can’t win ’cause you’ll play against you.” Anyone who’s ever felt caught in a feedback loop of negative thoughts that deflate your mood, leading to more negative thoughts (and on and on, perhaps) can agree that Seuss was onto something. Let these positive thoughts empower you to get out of your head when you’re mentally spiraling.

#43 I deserve to be loved.

#44 I control the thoughts in my head.

#45 I will let positive thoughts influence my mind and actions.

#46 I have courage and strength.

#47 I create positivity in my life.

#48 I know my own worth.

#49 I am not my worst thoughts.

#50 My mind will be my safe space.


Which self-affirmation is your favorite? What would you add to this list?

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