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28 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Have Vitiligo

28 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Have Vitiligo

woman with vitiligo holds phone in hand

For those with vitiligo, Instagram is often more than just a social network – it’s a way to find community, connection and support. At least that’s what University of Oregon graduate Elizabeth Witcher found in her recent study.

A sociology and psychology major living with vitiligo, Elizabeth used her senior thesis to do research that showed that social media – and specifically Instagram – provides a means of connection for those with vitiligo that is absent in the physical world.

If you’re looking to connect with the vitiligo community on Instagram, here are our top inspirational, informational and share-worthy accounts to follow.

woman with vitiligo with hand over eye

Vitiligo Reposting

There are several Instagram accounts that exist solely to repost submitted photos and share the stories of those with vitiligo. Follow the accounts below to share your story or read about other people with vitiligo.

Vitiligo Beauty |
Vitiligo Beauty reposts people with vitiligo. DM or tag them to submit your picture!

Vitiligo People | @vitiligopeople
Vitiligo People features “fearless people with vitiligo.”

Vitiligo NL |
The account for the Dutch Vitiligo Association reposts submitted pictures.

women with vitiligo
Photo via @elisabethva

Vitiligo Projects + Photo Series

With vitiligo being a visual condition, it’s no surprise that there are numerous art and photography projects popping up. Get involved by following these projects or applying to be a part of them.

Elisabeth Van Aalderen | @elisabethva
Elisabeth doesn’t just have vitiligo – she’s the photographer behind a very well-known vitiligo portrait series, which she shares through her Instagram account and her book, Shades of Pale.

Pigment Painter | @pigmentpainter
Lauren, known as the ‘pigment painter,’ has vitiligo and also paints digital watercolor portraits of those with vitiligo, which she shares through her Instagram.

A Dappled Life | @adappledlife
This account shares an artistic look at life with vitiligo as told by Nadin through images of her hands.

Winnie Harlow woman with vitiligo
Via @winnieharlow

Vitiligo Influencers

Talk about inspirational! These are just some of the women leading the conversation about vitiligo in the world today as models and/or spokesmodels.

Winnie Harlow | @winnieharlow
Perhaps the most famous woman with vitiligo alive today, Winnie Harlow inspires us daily on Instagram.

April Star | @redefinedmybeauty
Diagnosed at the age of six, teen beauty April has been featured by brands including Gap and Claire’s.

Judith | @junoordzij
Judith is an entrepreneur and coach – and someone to follow to “just feel good.”

Carine Guimarães | @karineguimaraes19
Recently featured in Vogue Brazil, Carine is a fashion model from Salvador.


woman wearing hat
Via @itsalexmimi

Vitiligo Bloggers + Vloggers

Looking for lifestyle, makeup, fitness and fashion tutorials and inspiration? Check out this list of bloggers, vloggers and photo journalists, all of whom have vitiligo.

Rita Adams | @itsalexmimi
A Houston-base vlogger, Rita shares beauty tips and tutorials on her Instagram and YouTube channels.

Jasmine | @doseofjass
Jasmine Jackson, a mom and beauty influencer with vitiligo, shares beauty and lifestyle tips on her Instagram and YouTube channels.

Mary Kalymnou | @marykalymnou
Flight attendant, travel blogger and Instagram influencer – follow Mary to see what a travel-filled life is like.

Brigita | @imbrigita
After getting vitiligo at the age of 21, Bri, a flight attendant, hid her vitiligo before sharing her story with the world.

Jennifer Ignatius | @jenniferignatius
Jennifer is a Finland-based blogger with a passion for coffee and interiors.

Darlene | @darlenetexas
YouTuber and Texas-based beauty, Darlene shares covers fashion and lifestyle.

Jana Meyer | @janameyrs
Based in Germany, Jana shares her lifestyle, along with her life with diabetes and vitiligo.

woman with vitiligo
Via @bianca_rosemarie

Vitiligo Models

Today there are more brands than ever featuring models with vitiligo – and we’re here for it. Here are just a few of the faces you might recognize from name brands.

Bianca Rosemarie | @bianca_rosemarie
You’ve seen this face featured by Venus.

Eva Khyne-Sam | @evakhynesam
Where have we NOT seen her?!

Carolina Clarkson | @clarolinaclarkson
Think Forever21.

Tia Jonsson | @tiajonsson
Places we’ve seen Tia: Rag & Bone, Juicy Couture and Urban Outfitters.

Daniele Lee | @daniele_lee
Did you see her in Glossier?!

woman with vitiligo wearing hat
Via @vitiligosociety

Communities + Organizations

These are just a few of the organizations, news outlets, communities and nonprofits at the heart of the vitiligo community today. Follow these accounts for news, updates and support.

Vitiligo Society | @vitiligosociety
The Vitiligo Society is a vitiligo organization based in the UK and founded in 1985. Follow their accounts for information about vitiligo and support.

Vitiligo Research Foundation | @vrfoundation
The Vitiligo Research Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to research and education around vitiligo.

Unite for Vitiligo | @uniteforvitiligo
Unite for Vitiligo is a news platform featuring stories from the vitiligo community.

Global Vitiligo Foundation | @globalvitiligofoundation
The Global Vitiligo Foundation is an organization of doctors and advocates looking to improve the quality of life for those with vitiligo.

VitFriends | @vitfriends
One of the biggest support groups for vitiligo, VitFriends is a large non-profit that provides local support for those with the condition.

girl holding orange in front of face
Via @livingdappled

Last but not least…

Don’t forget to follow us for news, advice, perspective and positivity as we continue to share everyday life with vitiligo. See you on the ‘gram!

We’re your ultimate guide to living with vitiligo, sharing information and inspiration.

These are just a few of the Instagram pages we love – which accounts do you follow? 

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