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Introducing Colorful Connections, a Multi-City Vitiligo Empowerment Event

Introducing Colorful Connections, a Multi-City Vitiligo Empowerment Event

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Last summer, two young women walked into CultureCon, a Los Angeles community event for Black and Brown professionals and creatives. By the time the conference ended the next day, they’d been inspired to launch their own version of the event—one focused on vitiligo.

“It was so beautiful actually seeing black people in all fashions and industries come together,” said Briya Fitzgerald, Founder of Colorful Connections. “It had pushed me on the idea of having an event just as big for the vitiligo community. Next thing you know, me and [my co-founder] Vastia are mapping out what that would look like.”

One year later, that vision is about to come to life. Vitiligo Awareness Month, celebrated in June each year, offers those living with vitiligo plenty of opportunities to celebrate or raise awareness for the condition. And this June, U.S. residents living with vitiligo will have a brand-new way to celebrate vitiligo: the Colorful Connections tour.

Colorful Connections, a five-city vitiligo social event inspired in part by that trip to CultureCon, has a bright vision for empowering and connecting those living with vitiligo. Here’s what you need to know about this new event, including how to purchase tickets or get involved.

What is Colorful Connections?

Colorful Connections is the brainchild of model, veteran and entrepreneur Briya Fitzgerald, and consists of events in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, and Baton Rouge throughout the month of June. A former civil engineer, Briya lives with vitiligo and has modeled in campaigns for Nike, Savage x Fenty and Revlon, among others. She is also an advocate for vitiligo awareness, suicide prevention and sexual assault prevention. 

Two women, one with vitiligo, stand in front of a floral wall
Briya Fitzgerald and Vastia Sylvester

Along with her business partner Vastia Sylvester, Briya is passionate about empowering others to embrace their unique journeys “with confidence and pride.” The women founded Colorful Connections as a non-profit and dreamed up the event series with a desire to educate, equip and empower those living with vitiligo. With the tagline “Embracing the palette of our differences,” the multi-city event will focus on inclusion and compassion, while celebrating the unique beauty of vitiligo.

Colorful Connections aims to stand out from other vitiligo conferences with an emphasis on facilitating human connection rather than dispensing expert information.

“Colorful Connections will be different because we want the panel guests to speak about their real-life lived experiences,” said Briya, adding, “People with vitiligo are more than just patients. They are humans who need to connect with other humans in a way only we know how!”

What can you expect at Colorful Connections?

One of the goals of Colorful Connections is to “foster communities that celebrate vitiligo,” so the programming at each tour date emphasizes connections and relationships that can go beyond that single event. Organizers are also aiming for variety by having a wide range of panelists and a rotating roster of speakers. “We want every stop to have a different vibe and feel,” Briya said.

At each tour stop, participants will get to tune in to panel discussions, join group activities focused on mental health for those living with vitiligo, and learn about vitiligo treatment and care options from experts—along with hearing from one of the keynote speakers. The slated keynote speakers represent diverse industries and professions: model and television personality Curtis J. McDaniel; NAACP Image Award nominee, author, speaker, confidence coach and vitiligo advocate Lid’ya C. Rivera; and beauty influencer Victoria Marie. Abena Colgan, aka The Spotted Zelephant, has recently been announced as a panelist at the LA event.

Who can attend Colorful Connections?

While the event is designed with people living with vitiligo in mind, family and friends are also welcome. The more the merrier when it comes to learning about vitiligo.

“We want people with vitiligo to take precedence but we invite all to come and learn and get an education so they can either be better parents, friends, and of course allies,” said Briya. “People who want to learn so they can show up better for their loved ones will never be turned away. So if you’re a teacher, a boss, a classmate, or curious about the experience of people living with vitiligo, you are more than welcome to come!”

How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased here, and VIP packages are available for those who want a more exclusive experience. A meal, beverages and complimentary gift bag are included with each ticket.

What are the tour dates and locations?

Colorful Connections will take place in five different cities throughout the month of June. At each tour stop, the event’s programming runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a midday meal included. Here are the dates and locations:

  • 6/1 | Los Angeles, CA
  • 6/8 | New York, NY
  • 6/15 | Miami, FL
  • 6/22 | Houston, TX
  • 6/23 | Baton Rouge, LA

Are there other ways to get involved?

As of this writing, Colorful Connections still had a few panelist slots available. If you live with vitiligo and would be interested in sharing your experience in a panel discussion, you can apply here. Event organizers are also accepting applications for sponsors. Those interested in partnering with Colorful Connections can apply here or contact

Want to know more about Colorful Connections or buy tickets to a tour date? Visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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