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Whether you’re new to vitiligo or new to our site, you’ve come to the right place–we’re glad you’re here. Living with vitiligo can be difficult. It’s an unexpected change that can rob you–or your loved one–of feelings of control and confidence. It can destroy your notions of beauty and identity. And in many ways, it can turn your everyday life upside down. We know this–because we’ve lived it.

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Top Must-Read Blog Posts

How to Get a Vitiligo Diagnosis

Which doctor do I see? How does vitiligo get diagnosed? What will the doctor ask me? Getting a vitiligo diagnosis can be overwhelming. Here’s the answer to all of those questions so you can set your expectations from the get-go. >> Read the blog now.

How to Find a Vitiligo Specialist

Won’t any dermatologist know what to do? It’s possible – but not always the case. Here’s why you might want to see a vitiligo specialist – and how to find one. >> Read the blog now.

What You Need to Know about Vitiligo as an Autoimmune Disease

Is vitiligo an autoimmune disease? Although only confirmed by scientists in the past decade, the answer is yes – and here’s what you need to know. >>Read the blog now.

21 No B.S. Answers to Questions About Vitiligo

Vitiligo – it’s a complicated disease that is still being researched today. And although those with vitiligo want answers, there is also a lack of education and information available online. That’s why we decided to round up answers to top questions about vitiligo from leading experts and resources. >>Read the blog now.

6 Options to Consider After a Vitiligo Diagnosis

Recently diagnosed and not sure what to do next? Here are some of the most common avenues those with vitiligo seek in terms of treatment, support, cosmetics and more. >>Read the blog now.

5 Types of Vitiligo and What They Mean

Although only 1% of the population lives with vitiligo, the appearance of vitiligo can manifest in different ways. For some, vitiligo will only ever appear in one area of the body. For others, vitiligo might appear on only one side of the body, or all across the body and eventually most of the body. Here’s how the types of vitiligo are classified. >>Read the blog now.

Vitiligo Explained as a Factory Metaphor

What is vitiligo? Do you actually know? Dr. John Harris, leading vitiligo expert, dermatologist and scientist, explains vitiligo as a malfunctioning factory. >>Read the blog now.

Top Makeup and Skincare Products for Vitiligo

Looking for coverup, tanner or sunscreen? We’ve got you covered. Find the top-rated products for each of these categories and more. >> Read the blog now.

Top Vitiligo Treatments

How do you treat vitiligo? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions by vitiligo patients. The good news? We have safe and effective methods for treating vitiligo. Here’s your guide. >>Read the blog now.

Navigating Emotions During a Vitiligo Diagnosis

Stress? Fear? Grief? All normal as you navigate a diagnosis. If you’re feeling anything of things or more, you aren’t alone. Find out why below. >>Read the blog now.

15 Resources for Those Newly Diagnosed with Vitiligo

There is a lot of information on the web about vitiligo, and also a lot of misinformation. Here’s our guide to experts and resources that you can trust. >>Read the blog now.

How to Support Someone Living with Vitiligo

Living with vitiligo can be difficult. Trying to support someone living with vitiligo? That can be equally as difficult – and yet so critical to the health and happiness of patients struggling with the condition. >>Read the blog now.

How to Find Support in the Vitiligo Community

Being part of the 1% of those living with vitiligo can feel isolating – but it doesn’t have to be. Today there are numerous platforms, communities and events for those with vitiligo to connect, learn and find support. If you’re interested in connecting with the vitiligo community, here’s where you can start. >>Read the blog now.