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The Dappled Darlings Community is a virtual Facebook group that provides a gathering place for women with vitiligo who want more support and connection. Ask questions, read others’ stories (and share your own, or not!) and get curated real-time updates about vitiligo. Living with vitiligo can feel lonely–but it doesn’t have to be. Come join us–because life is better when we’re together.

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Note: You must have or sign up for a Facebook account to join this community.

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Welcome to your new favorite corner of the internet.

The Dappled Darlings Community is all about finding your people–the women who know your story, who have walked in your shoes and are ready to walk with you now. Not everyone understands what it’s like to live with vitiligo–but this group does. As a member, you’ll find the courage to go “all in” on your life with vitiligo–and have a supportive, inspiring community by your side.

The Dappled Darlings Community is hosted in a private, members-only Facebook Group. (Yes, you need a Facebook account to join!) Here’s what you’ll find in the group:

Membership Benefits

Worth it.

  • Members-only digital community via a private Facebook group to share your story and connect with others
  • Exclusive access to Dappled Discussions - virtual meet-ups where you'll have the chance to chat with other members about life with vitiligo
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook Live community interview series featuring the stories and advice of women with vitiligo from around the world
  • Access to real-time updates with Living Dappled’s latest content plus curated collections of news and events from the vitiligo community at large

Why join?

So glad you asked.

Living with vitiligo may make you part of the 1%, but it also makes you part of a community that’s more than 75 million strong. And together, we can create a better life with vitiligo. 

Find Your People
There’s something magical about connecting with people who know your story. It’s hard to understand what it’s like to live with vitiligo – but this community gets it. If you’re looking for a place where you’ll be accepted, understood and celebrated – this is it.

Share Your Story
Telling your story has power. It gives a voice to your fears – and your strength. As you share your story with this community, you’ll find a renewed sense of confidence and courage. It’s not always easy to talk about vitiligo – but it’s a step towards finding peace.

Crowdsource Information
Newly diagnosed? Looking for answers? Who better to ask than those who have already been there, done that. Use the private community forum to ask questions and learn about others’ experiences.

Get Connected
 The vitiligo community is growing and expanding – and we’re here for it. Tap into the latest vitiligo news and community events with our curated calendar.

Build Your Toolkit
There’s no guide to living with vitiligo. But we’ll bring you tips, advice and hands-on resources from experts to help you take actionable steps towards creating the life you want – spots and all.

Host an Event
Our Dappled Discussions are peer-led chats – chats with people just like you. Join an event or host your own and create conversations about the vitiligo topics that matter most to you.

Be Inspired
We’re going to be real about what it’s like to live with vitiligo. But this community is also here to lift you up and support you on your journey. You just found your biggest fans.

Take a peek inside…

Scroll to see real posts from members inside the Dappled Darlings Community Facebook group

Is this group right for me?

Here are just some of the reasons why our members have joined this group in the past. If these describe you, we believe that you will benefit from this community.

You feel lonely living with vitiligo.
You feel “different” from others and want a place where you feel “normal.”
You feel misunderstood when you talk about your vitiligo and want to find people who “get it.”
You don’t have someone you can talk to about vitiligo.
You have questions about vitiligo and want to ask them in a safe space.
You want to learn about other people’s experiences with vitiligo.
You want a virtual support group that meets on a regular basis.

But don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what ‘dappled darlings’ are saying about our community

“Finding the Dappled Darlings Community a year ago was life changing! An amazing, supportive group who understand and offer first hand experience of living with vitiligo. I no longer feel alone and can’t thank them enough!” – Lindsay, joined February 2021

“I have been with the Dappled Darlings community for two years now. The Dappled Darlings community has been very helpful to my mental health. I don’t attend the meetings and discussions but my anxiety over my vitiligo has greatly decreased. Finding people who go through the same situations as me makes feel like I’m not alone in the world. And even though I’m silent I do read through all the posts and it reminds me every single day that I am not broken, I am unique and that is a beautiful thing. So thank you to Erika Page for helping me, and thank you, to all the Darlings that support the group and myself. I appreciate all the love and support and recommend the group/membership for those who struggle.” – Erin, joined October 2020

“Anyone with vitiligo is looking for support and similarity in others, because it’s a tough road to travel alone.  To say Dappled Darlings is a ‘support group’ is an understatement – it is like a family of people who know that we all relate to one another, it is a resource you might not even realized that you needed, and it brings a lot of peace to know that you don’t have to feel lonely in this.  If you have vitiligo, you belong here.” – Lisa, joined October 2020

“Finding a group of individuals that can relate to all your experiences and fully understand your struggles when it comes to living with vitiligo is absolutely priceless. When I first joined this community, I couldn’t imagine how significant these people are going to be for my self-acceptance journey. If you are looking for a safe space where you can celebrate your differences, share your fears, get advice and support, I recommend joining the Living Dappled community.” – Alma, joined October 2020

“Just want to say a huge thank you! You’ve given me a support community I didn’t know was there and pulled me out of a place where I thought I was alone. You’re an inspiration.” – Sheetal, joined October 2020

“I joined the Dappled Darlings community in 2020 and have benefitted so much since being part of this wonderful community led by women. I’ve always felt safe being part of the Dappled Darlings. It has created a friendly and open space for connections, friendships and conversation; to talk about topics that can sometimes be difficult, sharing advice and small wins that have given us the confidence to love our skin. Communities such as this are a reminder that we’re not going through this alone and I’m so glad and privileged that I’m a part of it.” – Natalie, joined September 2020

“Living with vitiligo can often feel lonely and isolated. Dappled Darlings provides a community where women can share fears, triumphs, and form friendships with others who uniquely understand the vitiligo experience. Regardless of how often my hectic schedule allows me to connect, I am always welcomed warmly by this amazing group.” – Brandy, joined September 2020

You said it was how much?

Just $1/month

Memberships are available for $1, $3 or $5 a month. Each membership comes with the same benefits. Yes, you read that right. Just pay what you can. Those who can afford to chip in more will be directly benefiting those who cannot. Every little bit you can offer is appreciated to help support this growing program.

Become a Member

We only have one question left: What are you waiting for?! Join now to become a part of the Dappled Darlings Community.

From $1/month

Note: You must have or sign up for a Facebook account to join this community.


Do I need a Facebook account to join this community?

Yes. The Dappled Darlings Community is hosted in a private, members-only Facebook Group. You will need to have a Facebook account to join this community.

Why is there a fee for membership?

Membership fees fund the support required to bring you the Dappled Darlings Community benefits and help support Living Dappled’s mission of serving women with vitiligo through education, support and inspiration.

Are events hosted virtually or in person?

With members located around the world, the Dappled Darlings Community is an entirely virtual community.

Is there a free trial?

No. We’ve been intentional in pricing the membership to be accessible and affordable, starting at $1/month. Access to any membership benefits requires payment.

Is this a community for women only?

We’re a community made by women for women. That said, our doors are open. Are you a guy with vitiligo? Sign up. Are you a parent of a child with vitiligo? Sign up. A spouse? Sign up. A friend? Sign up. The more the merrier.

Do I have to have vitiligo to join?

Most of our members have vitiligo, but the more the merrier. If you’re the parent, spouse, sibling, friend or advocate for someone with vitiligo, you’re welcome!

Still have questions? Drop us a note!