Dappled Darlings Community

…because we’re #bettertogether

The Dappled Darlings Community is a gathering place for women with vitiligo who want more – more support, more inspiration and more chances to share your story and meet others who are doing the same. You believe in more. We believe more is possible, together.


three women with vitiligo laughing and smiling on bridge

Consider this your new girl gang.

The Dappled Darlings Community is all about finding your people – the women who know your story, who have walked in your shoes and are ready to walk with you now. As a member, you’ll find the courage to go “all in” on your life with vitiligo – and have a supportive, inspiring community by your side.

Here’s how we’ll be hanging out:

Membership Benefits

Worth it.

  • Members only digital community via a private Facebook group to connect with others and stay inspired
  • Exclusive access to Dappled Discussions monthly virtual meetups where you'll have the chance to chat with other members about life with vitiligo
  • Early and complimentary access to expert-led bi-annual workshops providing tangible tips and advice for living with vitiligo
  • Exclusive access to a curated calendar of our favorite vitiligo community events and news
  • Exclusive access to perks and discounts thanks to our brand partners
  • Exclusive access to a new bi-weekly newsletter with the latest events and news

Why join?

So glad you asked.

Living with vitiligo may make you part of the 1%, but it also makes you part of a community that’s more than 75 million strong. And together, we can create a better life with vitiligo. 

Find Your People
There’s something magical about connecting with people who know your story. It’s hard to understand what it’s like to live with vitiligo – but this community gets it. If you’re looking for a place where you’ll be accepted, understood and celebrated – this is it.

Share Your Story
Telling your story has power. It gives a voice to your fears – and your strength. As you share your story with this community, you’ll find a renewed sense of confidence and courage. It’s not always easy to talk about vitiligo – but it’s a step towards finding peace.

Crowdsource Information
Newly diagnosed? Looking for answers? Who better to ask than those who have already been there, done that. Use the private community forum to ask questions and learn about others’ experiences.

Get Connected
 The vitiligo community is growing and expanding – and we’re here for it. Tap into the latest vitiligo news and community events with our curated calendar.

Build Your Toolkit
There’s no guide to living with vitiligo. But we’ll bring you tips, advice and hands-on resources from experts to help you take actionable steps towards creating the life you want – spots and all.

Host an Event
Our Dappled Discussions are peer-led chats – chats with people just like you. Join an event or host your own and create conversations about the vitiligo topics that matter most to you.

Be Inspired
We’re going to be real about what it’s like to live with vitiligo. But this community is also here to lift you up and support you on your journey. You just found your biggest fans.

But don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what ‘dappled darlings’ are saying about our community

You said it was how much?

Less than one dollar a week.

That’s right. Our annual membership is just $39/year, which is $0.75/week or $3.25/month. You may have spent more on your morning coffee today than you will on this membership in a month.

We believe everyone should have access to this type of community and inspiration – and priced it to be affordable and achievable. The annual membership fees help cover costs and fund the workshops and freebies we’ll be bringing you all year round.


If the fee is more than what you’re able to pay, drop us a note.

Become a Member

We only have one question left: What are you waiting for?! Join now to become a part of the Dappled Darlings Community.



Why is there a fee for membership?

The annual membership fee helps cover costs (like Zoom calls!) and funds the workshops and freebies we’ll be bringing you all year round. Priced to be affordable and accessible, the fee of $39 a year is less than one dollar a week or $3.25 a month. If the fee is more than what you’re able to pay, drop us a note.

Are events free for members?

Once you join the Dappled Darlings community, most Living Dappled events are included in your membership. Additionally, Dappled Darlings members have exclusive access to Peer Chats. A select number of special Living Dappled events may not be included in the membership.

Are events hosted virtually or in person?

Right now, all of our events are hosted virtually to accommodate our ever-growing global community. If you’d like to host an in-person event in your city, let us know!

Are brand discounts only available to members?

Yes, discounts and other perks offered through our brand partners are an exclusive benefit for members only. 

Is there a free trial?

No, access to any membership benefits requires payment. We’ve been intentional in pricing the membership to be accessible and affordable. Additionally, any one-time membership payment includes lifetime access to the private Facebook community and exclusive discounts with brand partners.

Is this a community for women only?

We’re a community made by women for women. That said, our doors are open. Are you a guy with vitiligo? Sign up. Are you a parent of a child with vitiligo? Sign up. A spouse? Sign up. A friend? Sign up. The more the merrier.

Do I have to have vitiligo to join?

Most of our members have vitiligo, but the more the merrier. If you’re the parent, spouse, sibling, friend or advocate for someone with vitiligo, you’re welcome!

Still have questions? Drop us a note!