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‘More Than Our Skin’ Documentary Shares Inspirational Stories of Women Living with Vitiligo

‘More Than Our Skin’ Documentary Shares Inspirational Stories of Women Living with Vitiligo

five women with vitiligo

While vitiligo’s visibility on the internet and in fashion is constantly expanding from video games to models with vitiligo and more, representation of the condition has been notably absent from the silver screen especially when featuring the real stories of real people—until now. 

Directed by Tonia Magras (a three-time Emmy award winner and seven-time nominee) and Calvin Lindsay, More Than Our Skin, released earlier this year, features the stories of five real women living with vitiligo and aims to raise awareness about the condition while also spreading the message that “skin does not define a person.”

Featuring interviews and commentary, the documentary tells the stories of these five women and showcases their unique experiences living with vitiligo. Valarie shares how her “world ended” when she was diagnosed with vitiligo at age 46, while Millicent talks about hiding in her home when she got her first spots at 15. Alicia, who was diagnosed with vitiligo as an infant, says that it was hard growing up as “the spotted one” and looking so different from her peers. 

For those living with vitiligo, the documentary feels relatable and speaks to some of the shared experience of living with vitiligo—like struggling with depression, asking “why me,” as well as feeling stigmatized. For those who are unfamiliar with vitiligo, the documentary also offers insight into the experience of living with this condition.

The documentary presents the reality of living with vitiligo and attempts to bust some of the myths surrounding it, too. It also addresses the often frustrating journey of pursuing treatment for vitiligo. Interviewee Katrina relates how she eventually gave up on trying treatments after nothing seemed to work, and describes feelings of hopelessness at that point in her life.

Medical experts including Dr. John E. Harris of the Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center at UMass Chan Medical School in Massachusetts and Dr. Richard H. Huggins of the Vitiligo Research and Treatment Center at Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan also lend their voices to the film to explain vitiligo’s symptoms and causes.

With its combination of educational and emotional messages, the film aims to raise awareness about vitiligo, spark empathy and compassion for those living with the condition and remind those with vitiligo that they are not alone. The filmmakers hope to shine a new light on vitiligo while highlighting the strength and resilience of the five women whose journeys it portrays.

Production on More Than Our Skin began in 2021, and it premiered at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts on February 22, 2024. More Than Our Skin is available for virtual as well as in-person screenings and has been gaining recognition in the festival circuit as it was a finalist for Outstanding Feature Documentary at the New York International Film Festival and also received honors at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

Learn more about the film or screen it online via their website:

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