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6 Reasons Vitiligo Vanquish Might Be the Camouflage for You

6 Reasons Vitiligo Vanquish Might Be the Camouflage for You

hands with vitiligo before and after camouflage application

This post was created in partnership with Vitiligo Vanquish.

You’ve tried a million camouflages to cover your vitiligo. You’re tired of spending money just to be disappointed with the results. And yet, you don’t want to give up looking for a product that can cover your vitiligo. Because sometimes, you just want to be the “you” without spots.

If that sounds like your story, you aren’t alone. In fact, Jackie McDonald is just one of the people who knows that story well. After living with vitiligo for more than twenty-five years, Jackie had tried everything from hair dyes and henna products to food coloring and eyebrow pigments to cover her vitiligo. All that changed when she started altering Fake Bake’s tanner in her kitchen—and shortly after, Vitiligo Vanquish was born.

Vitiligo Vanquish is a liquid camouflage that comes with a kit custom designed for those with vitiligo. Priced to be very affordable, Vitiligo Vanquish comes in a simple kit form and is applied to vitiligo with brushes, with a sprayer and mitt add-on available for those with universal vitiligo or seeking application to a larger area of skin.

Today, Jackie uses the camouflage to cover her own spots—and give others the option to cover theirs too. If you’re looking for a camouflage to cover your vitiligo, here’s why Vitiligo Vanquish might be the solution for you.

You want the choice to be seen without spots

At the risk of being too obvious, perhaps the most important reason for using Vitiligo Vanquish is that you simply enjoy living life without spots. Camouflage gives you the chance to do simple things—like shaking hands—without the chance of awkward stares or uncomfortable questions. That’s where Vitiligo Vanquish comes in. The camouflage and kit are custom designed to cover depigmented patches of skin caused by vitiligo.

Your natural skin color differs vastly from white patches

For those with tan and darker complexions, the contrast between your natural skin color and vitiligo patches can be drastic. In these cases, covering with any type of full-body product won’t work. You need to intentionally add pigment to the white spots—and only that.

Lucky for you, that’s where Vitiligo Vanquish really succeeds. The kit comes with two brushes—wide and short-brimmed—that allow you to fill in spots with precision. That little spot on your pinky? Covered. The wiggly patch on your neck? Covered. This product was made for the intricate uniqueness of your skin’s color pattern. (Bonus: Vitiligo Vanquish comes with a sprayer and mitt add-on available for those with universal vitiligo or seeking application to a larger area of skin.)

You’re tired of wasting money finding the “perfect” shade

Who hasn’t spent money on a beauty product just to find that the color is a smidge off? Vitiligo Vanquish’s camouflage comes in one standard color—yes, you heard that right. Why? Because everyone’s skin color is unique. Instead of trying to match your shade online, you create your perfect shade once you have the product. Each Vitiligo Vanquish kit comes with blue and black dyes to customize your color. In addition, color can be varied by using a wet brush to dilute the color as needed. Full instructions on how to customize the color are available in each kit and custom tutorials on how to find your custom shade are available upon request.

You don’t have time to waste

A lengthy beauty and skincare process can put a burden on your daily routine—and occasionally increase stress and anxiety. Luckily, Vitiligo Vanquish doesn’t fall into that category. Practice makes perfect, but seasoned users can generally apply the product to the hands in just five minutes as a reference point. Even better? It only needs to be applied a few times a week. While the product will naturally fade over the course of two to three days, touch ups and gentle washing of areas with the product can help extend the length of the color. Less time spent getting ready means more time for doing the things you love.

You don’t want the “mess” of traditional tanners

If you’ve tried traditional tanners, you might be familiar with the stains often left on towels, clothes, bed sheets and more after contact with your skin. These situations are often frustrating and occasionally embarrassing or slightly awkward. That’s not the case with Vitiligo Vanquish. This product is transfer resistant—meaning you can shake hands, hug and cuddle without worrying about leaving any product behind. (We can confirm, because we’re tried it.)

You’re on a budget

Let’s be real. Beauty products aren’t cheap—especially when you’re paying for products that offer camouflage and long-lasting coverage. If you’re using the product daily, that only multiples the expense. Vitiligo Vanquish is $39 per kit with a 6 oz bottle and can last up to nine months—that’s less than $5 a month. Covering your vitiligo should be an option for everyone. Vitiligo Vanquish aims to deliver on that by keeping its product affordable.

To learn more, read our Vitiligo Vanquish guide. To order your kit, shop Vitiligo Vanquish. For more information, contact Jackie directly at

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