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10 Things to Know About Vitiligo Vanquish by Fake Bake

10 Things to Know About Vitiligo Vanquish by Fake Bake

Vitiligo Vanquish Liquid Camouflage Vitiligo

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Have you ever wished you could make your vitiligo disappear for a few days? Jackie McDonald has – and after living with vitiligo for twenty-five years, she’s found a way to do it.

After accidentally spilling furniture stain on her arm and seeing the color match to her skin, Jackie set out to create a non-toxic stain for her skin that would camouflage her vitiligo. Over the course of twenty years, she tried everything from hair dyes and Henna products to food coloring and eyebrow pigments. Self-tanners she found to be messy and difficult to apply to only her spots. Then she started altering Fake Bake’s tanning product in her kitchen – and found her answer. Today Jackie is partnering with Fake Bake to bring Vitiligo Vanquish, their new camouflage liquid, to the world.

Vitiligo Vanquish is a camouflage liquid created in partnership with Fake Bake to flawlessly hide pigmentation loss caused by vitiligo.  Priced to be very affordable, Vitiligo Vanquish comes in a simple kit form and is applied to vitiligo with brushes to temporarily match existing pigment.

“This product has changed my life,” said Jackie, who is on a mission to share this product with others with vitiligo just like her. “I just go about my days now and don’t even think about my vitiligo – except for when I’m applying it of course.”

For Jackie, finding a way to cover her spots has given her the confidence to do simple things – like shaking hands – without worrying about awkward stares or conversations. But she also recognizes that covering vitiligo isn’t for everyone.

“There is no reason to be ashamed of your spots and I’m not ashamed of mine,” said Jackie, who celebrates and supports those who choose to embrace their skin too. “I just enjoy going out into the world as one color and not being Jackie with vitiligo but just Jackie.”

What is Vitiligo Vanquish and how does it work? You’ll find everything you need to know below.

#1 What is Vitiligo Vanquish?

Vitiligo Vanquish is a thin, camouflage liquid created in partnership with Fake Bake to flawlessly hide pigmentation loss caused by vitiligo. Priced to be very affordable, Vitiligo Vanquish comes in a simple kit form and is applied with brushes to temporarily match existing pigment and hide vitiligo spots.

#2 What comes in the Vitiligo Vanquish kit?

The Vitiligo Vanquish kit has a complete set of camouflage and application products. The kit includes the 6-ounce camouflage liquid, large and small application brushes, a glass dipping and storage jar, washable blotting cloth and optional color-customizing drops. You’ll also find detailed instructions to help you feel confident in using and applying the product.

#3 Does Vitiligo Vanquish come in multiple colors?

Vitiligo Vanquish is available in a standard color that can be customized to match a wide range of skin tones. When you open a kit, you’ll test the product on your skin to determine if you need to alter the color. Based on your skin tone, you’ll add provided blue or black drops to customize the color. Color can also be varied by using a wet brush to dilute the product, making the color less vibrant. Full instructions on how to customize the color are available in the kit.

#4 How do you apply Vitiligo Vanquish?

Once you create your custom color match, you’ll shake the bottle to mix the product and pour a sample into the glass dipping jar. Using a bowl of water or your sink to vary the product as needed, you’ll dip the brush in the product and scrape excess liquid off against the side of the glass jar. You apply the product to your skin using the brush to paint the depigmented area only, going right up to the edge of each spot. Tapered and angled wide and narrow brushes are available for easy application on large and small spots. During application, you’ll use the blotting cloth to dry your skin as you go. A mirror can be used to see hard-to-reach spots.

#5 Does Vitiligo Vanquish work?

Yes – but don’t take our word for it. Check out these before and after images from Vitiligo Vanquish users below and watch Jackie’s tutorial video here to see the application in real time.

Left: Hands with vitiligo; Right: Hands with Vitiligo Vanquish

#6 Will Vitiligo Vanquish come off?

Yes, Vitiligo Vanquish is a temporary camouflage that will fade over the course of two to three days. Touch ups and gentle washing of areas with product can help extend the length of the color. However, washing hands vigorously or taking an exfoliating shower will remove the product more quickly.

# 7 How long does it take to apply?

Practice makes perfect, but seasoned users can generally apply the product to the hands in just five minutes. Make the application process enjoyable by listening to your favorite podcast or music.

#8 How long does the camouflage last?

Vitiligo Vanquish is transfer resistant – meaning you can shake hands, hug and cuddle without worrying about leaving product behind. The product lasts for two to three days before fading due to natural wearing on the skin. Exfoliating before applying will extend the length of the product.

#9 What if I mess up when applying or don’t like the color?

Vitiligo Vanquish will continue to develop for 4-6 hours following application. If the color is too dark after development, use a damp washcloth with soap to massage the area and blend the product to your desired color. You can also use Fake Bake’s Coconut Oil Exfoliating Wipes to help remove Vitiligo Vanquish and lighten the color.

#10 Is Vitiligo Vanquish safe for your skin?

Yes, Vitiligo Vanquish is a vegan-friendly product made from food-based products – in other words, it’s naturally safe for your skin. Vitiligo Vanquish is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients and is not tested on animals. The product is also paraben and DMDM hydantoin-free.

To order your kit, visit For more information, contact Jackie directly at or subscribe to Vitiligo Vanquish.  

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