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Our Favorite Finds in the Vitiligo Society’s New Online Shop

Our Favorite Finds in the Vitiligo Society’s New Online Shop

woman with vitiligo wearing white baseball cap and sweatshirt that says "imperfectly perfect"

Perhaps the easiest way to show your vitiligo pride – or help answer questions about your skin without having to talk about it – is by wearing a tee. That’s why we’re thrilled to see the Vitiligo Society’s newly launched online shop featuring tees, hoodies, accessories and homewares for those with vitiligo.

Established in 1985, the Vitiligo Society is a charity based in the UK with a mission to educate, inspire and support those with vitiligo. The society offers education about vitiligo, an online blog and events for its members. A portion of all sales from the shop goes back into funding the Vitiligo Society’s non-profit work. You can learn more about the society at and you can shop the new collection at

We’ve rounded up our favorite finds from the new collection. Take a look below and then use LivingDappled8 to get 8% off your order today.

Spotted Sweatshirt

We “spotted” this crew neck sweatshirt and will be clicking “add to cart.” Check out the array of colors and pick your favorite to have a playful way to bring awareness to your skin.

Shop the sweatshirt.

Fearlessly Original Sweatshirt

There’s only one of you. And this crew neck sweatshirt will let you share that message with pride. 

Shop the sweatshirt.

Imperfectly Perfect Tee

Because perfection is overrated anyway. 

Shop the tee.

V” Beanie

Cozying up for cooler weather? Grab this “V” beanie. We love how it gives a simple nod to vitiligo.

Shop the beanie.

V” Hat

Not a beanie person? We’re fans of this “V” baseball cap too.

Shop the hat.

Inspirational Heart Mug

With words like “beautiful,” “unique,” “confident” and “brave,” this heart mug not only celebrates vitiligo but serves up positive affirmations while you sip your cup of joe.

Shop the mug.

Canvas Heart Tote

Carry your pride with you – literally – with this beautiful canvas tote featuring a collage of positive affirmations about vitiligo.

Shop the tote.

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