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Erika Page is the Founder and Editor of Living Dappled. After getting vitiligo at the age of seven, she lost 100% of her pigment to the condition and today lives with universal vitiligo.

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Hands and feet with vitiligo
What You Need to Know about Chemicals and Vitiligo

Medically reviewed by Dr. John Harris, dermatologist and Director of the UMass Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center.…

Woman with vitiligo by DermHealthCo
Meet DermHealth.Co, the Platform for #SkinPowerment

Skin conditions come with stigmas – and DermHealth.Co is trying to change that. With a…

girls with vitiligo smiling and making peace sign with hands
Why Community Matters When You Live with Vitiligo

I got vitiligo when I was just seven years old. At first, the white spots…

woman with vitiligo wearing sunhat with eyes closed
This Dubai YouTube Vlogger Kept Her Vitiligo a Secret – Until Now

Bri got vitiligo when she was 21 years old after going through a stressful time…

My Vitiligo Team website displayed on an ipad
MyVitiligoTeam – A Social Network Dedicated to Vitiligo

One in two Americans lives with a chronic health condition. The experience can be isolating,…

Two women's legs with sneakers
How I Used Sprays Tans to Cover Vitiligo for Three Years

After getting vitiligo at the age of seven, I lost nearly all my skin’s pigment…

Woman with vitiligo sits in chair and holds newborn
6 Moments Most Parents with Vitiligo Experience

Vitiligo was always your personal journey – until you became a parent. Now that you…

woman with long blonde hair smiling
Meet the Woman Breaking Down the Stigma Around Camouflaging Vitiligo

This post was created in partnership with Vitiligo Vanquish, a liquid camouflage created by a woman…

Editor Approved: UPF One-Piece Swimsuits You’ll Want to Wear

This post may contain affiliate links that, at no additional cost to you, will earn…