Erika Page

Erika Page is the Founder and Editor of Living Dappled. After getting vitiligo at the age of seven, she lost 100% of her pigment to the condition and today lives with universal vitiligo.

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Confessions of a Girl with Vitiligo: Why I Laugh When People Tell Me I Have It Together

As a girl with vitiligo, I often feel like my life is a roller coaster…

girls with vitiligo in bathing suits on beach
New Year, New Summer: Why Girls with Vitiligo Should Make Summer 2016 Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are great. It’s a refreshing way to approach the time ahead with…

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Why Talking to Others with Vitiligo is the Best Support

There’s something about talking to someone who shares your problem that has an intense healing…

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The Morning Motivation Routine Everyone with Vitiligo Should Try

Let’s just put it out there – everyone with vitiligo needs a little extra boost…

4 Reasons it’s Hard to Talk about Living with Vitiligo

It took me nearly six years to start this blog. Part of the delay was…