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How Keeping a Gratitude Journal Can Lead to Acceptance with Vitiligo

How Keeping a Gratitude Journal Can Lead to Acceptance with Vitiligo

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A gratitude journal – also known as a happiness journal – is a simple and research-backed strategy to finding joy and fulfillment in your life. More importantly, it can help you find acceptance with vitiligo.

“People who keep gratitude journals are proven to be happier and more satisfied with their lives,” said Julia Hogan, Chicago-based psychotherapist and licensed professional counselor (LPC). “It builds a habit of intentionally looking for the good in your life and taking the time to recognize it.”

Keeping a gratitude journal takes less than 3 minutes a day

What is a gratitude journal? And how does it work? The concept is simple. A gratitude journal is like a diary of things that you are thankful for. Here’s how it works: Find a space to keep a journal – whether in a notebook or in an app on your phone. Then set a time each day to write down three things for which you are grateful. They can be big things – like a promotion at work or a good grade on a test. Or they can be small things – for example, hot coffee in the morning or five extra minutes to sleep in.

Creating a habit of gratitude transforms into an attitude

Keeping a gratitude journal creates a habit of looking for positive things happening in your life. When you’re feeling stressed or worrying about your spots, the journal helps you focus on the good in your day. It also keeps you in the present moment. Instead of fixating on the happiness you might have in the future – getting new car, finishing a test, or having skin without spots – it keeps you in the “now” by forcing you to find something to be happy about in the moment. As a result, you learn to choose to be happy with what you have instead of putting off your happiness until you reach some future goal. And that’s powerful.

A “gratitude attitude” can help you find acceptance with vitiligo

When you live with vitiligo, it can be difficult to be happy with the skin you’re in. But choosing to be happy with what you have in this present moment can be life-changing. And building a habit of identifying the good in your life can help you choose to be happy, each and every day.

Do you keep a gratitude journal? Will you consider starting one? Share your experience below.

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