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Vitiligo Voices / Makeup or No Makeup?

Vitiligo Voices / Makeup or No Makeup?


Makeup – do you wear it? Do you not wear it? How do you decide and how does it impact your life as a girl with vitiligo?

These questions were front and center in this week’s “Vitiligo Voices” chat on Living Dappled’s Instagram and Facebook this week. You can read the full conversation on Instagram, but here are some of the responses our community had to share:

@msroch88 Nope I don’t wear make up. I wouldn’t feel myself if I did.

@minnesotavitfriends I wear make up but not foundation. As in not trying to cover my spots.

@sydney_mw Definitely not to cover my spots, I enjoy a bare face to show all the interesting spots

@xpattycakesx I wear makeup. Covering all my face spots. Today I while applying foundation I found myself saying “I wish I didn’t have to wear makeup and cover my skin.” But I am so self conscious about my face.. I don’t hate my spots but I don’t love them either. I want to love them but it’s hard. I don’t like being stared at. It’s not just this one insecurity, it’s all of them combined. Maybe if I didn’t have acne. But who knows.

@lianareiss On my face, make up. But I don’t want hide my spots in my body.

@ccorinnes I’m also wearing make up in my face but I know I would do it also if I wouldn’t have vitiligo so it’s not because of my vitiligo. I don’t want to hide my spots on my body, I like them and think they are a beautiful part of me ????

@lavendyreenoraI go both ways either tons of crazy make up or none it just depends on my mood and what sort of personality I’m feeling that day. My vitiligo doesn’t really factor into it. And yes I have a lot of it on my face 🙂

@msroch88 @livingdappled It’s all about acceptance. I’d be lying if I said it was easy and a quick process as it took me many years. I’m 28 and have had Vitiligo since age 11 – I gained confidence in the last 2 years so do the math. It all starts within. You have to learn to love yourself, ALL of yourself; Vitiligo and all! You have to accept the fact that you have Vitiligo; Vitiligo doesn’t have you. It’s a loss of your pigment, not your purpose. You have to accept the nature of Vitiligo (in most) is to spread so you have to expect nothing.

@adoseofmaria I wear makeup on my face everyday, although I have visible spots on my hands. I can now wear short sleeves because I used to wear tons of makeup on my elbows but it never looked perfect, either too red or ashy, and now I have tattoos on my elbows. In the summer I do wear a two piece and feel comfortable when I’m with my friends and I do show off my vitiligo that are on my knees and feet. It’s just tough for my self esteem to go completely bare faced because I honestly feel if people stare I’ll start cursing someone out. I hate the ignorance and stares

@ohloladiary I use make up only when I want to use some of it, not to cover my spots. Before vitiligo I used to use make up very rarely, and now it is the same. I prefer my natural beauty and is more comfortable for me that way.

@androcks Both! Depending on mood!

@arriannecoulson I never wear camo make up.. I have a fully white face, and fully white hands and feet(white gloves, and socks) I have patchy arms and legs.. I don’t wear camo make up coz it’s effort and I don’t have time to that everyday before 12 hour shifts in a nursing home where I sweat anyway. But my grandmas friend wears camo make up.. all personal preference #patchyandproud

@zeejay611 Make up on my face every day for work, or going out somewhere fancy. Weekends I usually don’t and don’t let it bother me. My vitiligo is more evident on my extremities and I’ve never tried to hide it. It’s just part of me.

@bianca_rosamarie Only eyeliner and lipsticks. My spots is my make up enough ????

@go_glenncoco1 I do sometimes but other times I rock an all natural look 🙂

@emily_jw97 I do wear makeup but not with the intention of hiding my spots.

@mercedes_fulgence Yes every time

@travels4fun I wear makeup but also did when I had small spots. I’m a girly girl and love makeup though so maybe this doesn’t really count for me.???? However, I’m still super self conscious about my spots. I have it over about 80% of my body. I cover up with my clothing because for me it’s easier to cover than to deal with people staring/pointing at me.???? maybe one day it’ll be easier for me… or maybe not…. ugh!!!

@silvia.mozzon I have vitiligo on my face and some spots con my back. I don’t wear makeup because i think that’s me, that’s the way i am and i love myself for who i am. I also have white hair because of vitiligo, a lot of people ask me “are you hair natural?” That’s an opportunity to tell other people about vitiligo and teach them something new, something different from what they usually see.

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  • I was diagnosed with Vitiligo late in life. I did have white spots in my hair at a young age but didn’t have enough to worry about. After a car accident a nurse pointed out the waves of white and brown areas on my torso. I have since developed a lot of patches in my lower abdomen and private areas. Within about 6 months my hair lost almost all of it’s colour. I have a streak of white skin slowly moving into my face from my hairline. The only place it is noticeable to other people is my hair and most likely they think I dye it.
    Is it OK to use a hair colour to give my white hair a more natural blonde look?? Any comments would help as I don’t want to colour my hair if it will look odd.

    • Christine, thanks for your message! I was actually watching a webinar recently that discussed this topic. The webinar was hosted by Dr. John Harris, Director of the University of Massachusetts Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center. The webinar mentioned that use of permanent hair dyes actually increases the risk of vitiligo, and that apparently hair dye companies know this and have warnings on the box labels to reflect this. Unfortunately, the link to the webinar doesn’t exist so I can’t fact check this for you, but I would suggest talking to a dermatologist who specializes in vitiligo for an official answer.

  • I have white spots around my eyes on my face. Vitiligo for 26 years. I was a lipstick only person until I developed. I am on the public and attend a lot of business meetings so I wear makeup daily as a preference.

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