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5 Verily Magazine Must-Reads to Boost Positivity

5 Verily Magazine Must-Reads to Boost Positivity

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Let’s be honest – every girl with vitiligo could use a little extra boost of happy in her day. And Verily Magazine has some ways to get you there.

A digital lifestyle magazine, Verily empowers and inspires women to be the best version of themselves – in other words, “less of who you should be, more of who you are.” Now that’s a mission statement we can get behind. Here are five inspiring articles from Verily to help you smile brighter and laugh louder.

8 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Own Day Better

Why we love it: Everyone could use a better day and this list gives you eight simple, practical ways to boost your day and reduce your stress. From paying it forward to writing it down or dressing up, these are tried and true ways to add a little something special to your day. The last suggestion is the most unique – you just might feel like you’re on vacation.

7 Things Women with Positive Body Image Don’t Do

Why we love it: Having a poor body image is something any girl with vitiligo can struggle with. More than just a list of what women with positive body image don’t do, this list gives you habits to avoid – and ones you might not have thought of. For example, did you know that getting enough sleep can actually help you feel better about your body?

How Changing Your Attitude Toward Fitness Can Help You Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Why we love it: American Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn shares her experience with embracing her natural beauty and how a healthy lifestyle started with a healthy mindset. Today she’s the author of her own book that dives into her philosophy of how building a healthy mind increases your ability to be physically fit.

Discover the French Secret to Happiness by Practicing This Habit Today

Why we love it: Discipline is actually a core component of French parenting styles and it turns out that they may be on to something. According to research, practicing self-control actually produces biochemical rewards that makes your body happier. Read the article above to explore the science behind discipline and how it can improve your own life.

How to Be the Boss of Your Mood Swings

Why we love it: Whether you’re hangry or tired or just in a bad mood, you don’t want your mood swings to ruin your day. Take control of your mood by understanding your triggers and what you can do to prevent the mood swings in the first place.

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