Makalah Moore

Makalah Moore is a writer based in Massachusetts who has lived with vitiligo for sixteen years. In her free time she enjoys reading, photography and spending time with friends and family. Find her on instagram

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woman with vitiligo applying makeup in bathrobe
6 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Shade of Foundation

It’s no secret that finding the right foundation can be a challenge — whether you…

girl with vitiligo in designer gown
How Art Helped This Graphic Design Student See Her Own Beauty

Graphic design student Daniele Lee didn’t set out to become a model. Yet, in the…

woman with vitiligo wearing hat
How Beauty Vlogger Rita Adams Found Her Voice

When Rita first discovered she had vitiligo, family and friends rushed to offer treatments and…

5 UPF Clothing Brands to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Sometimes it feels as though sunscreen is never enough and reapplying it hour after hour…

globe with text that reads "what it's like to live with vitiligo around the world"
What It’s Like to Live with Vitiligo Around the World

Over the past decade, acceptance and visibility for vitiligo have continued to grow – and…

woman with vitiligo smiling
10 Brands that Have Featured Vitiligo Models

Ten years ago, seeing models with vitiligo in the media and advertising was incredibly rare.…

cat with vitiligo sitting
Meet the Vitiligo Cat With an Influencer-Worthy Instagram Following

Elli, a five year old cat living in Heidelberg, Germany, not only has vitiligo –…

Woman with vitiligo wearing white tshirt
This Beauty Influencer Calls Her Vitiligo a Blessing in Disguise

The internet can be notoriously critical, but for Jasmine Jackson, a mom and beauty influencer…

woman with vitiligo on a bridge
How Becoming a Mom Helped One Woman Accept Her Vitiligo

After getting vitiligo at the age of 26, Leah Antonio struggled for years, hiding her…