The Blog

Living Dappled is a blog for girls with vitiligo, written by girls with vitiligo.


We believe that every girl with vitiligo can choose to love her life, spots and all. Whether we’re seeking treatment, wearing tanner or showing off our spots, the reality is that happiness is a choice and we can choose to own our spots. It’s a decision we make every moment, every minute and every day, to be a stronger, happier and healthier version of ourselves.


Being a girl with vitiligo isn’t easy and that’s why we’re here. We’ll celebrate our success stories, talk about tough times, share tips on living with spots and be the support we need for each other.


Join us in writing our vitiligo story – read along, write a guest post, share your story and be a voice in our conversations.


Join us in living dappled.

Our Manifesto

We’re girls who own our spots.

Our vitiligo doesn’t define us – it’s just a part of who we are.

Whether we’re seeking treatment, wearing tanner or showing our spots, we know that a dappled life is about more than makeup and medicine – it’s about a change of heart.

We choose happiness, seek courage and build confidence.

We wear shorts in the summer and smile at people who stare.

We believe beautiful is about loving the girl in the mirror.

We’re rewriting the vitiligo success story.

We’re living dappled.

The Founder

Meet Living Dappled Founder and Editor Erika Page.

Erika Page is a Baltimore-born writer and blogger with a big heart for girls with vitiligo. Her first spots appeared on her spine when she was seven years old and she has been ‘dappled’ ever since. Today her vitiligo covers her entire body and she wears tanner to give some color to her pale skin.


During her years of living with spots, Erika was told multiple times that her confidence and joy despite living with vitiligo was unique – and something to be shared. Years later, she’s finally ready to do something about it and today you have Living Dappled.



Read more about Erika in her interview.