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Inside Living Dappled’s “Girls with Vitiligo” Photo Shoot

Inside Living Dappled’s “Girls with Vitiligo” Photo Shoot

two smiling women with one holding a skateboard

Letter from the Editor:

When I think of “girls who own their spots,” I can’t help but think of Tiffany Posteraro Grant.

You may know Tiffany as the girl with the “It’s Called Vitiligo” tattoo whose story went viral last summer, reaching Daily Mail, Woman’s Day and Buzz Feed. Since then, she’s been featured alongside people like Winnie Harlow in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health Magazine – becoming one of the faces of vitiligo for girls around the world.

So when I got wind that Tiffany was going to be in my neighborhood south of Washington, D.C. this past August, I jumped at the opportunity to feature her in Living Dappled’s first photo shoot.

We set a date in August and after a beautiful week of low eighty-degree weather, the sweltering summer heat returned just in time for the photo shoot – but that didn’t stop the cameras from rolling. Setting the shoot in an urban downtown alley, we borrowed a skateboard and spent an hour just “living dappled” – talking, playing, laughing and gliding through the alley on wheels we didn’t know how to ride.

It was an evening that turned out to be one of the highlights of my summer. If you haven’t ever met another girl with vitiligo, I can tell you firsthand that there is something magical about it. You already know each other in a way – you’ve been down the same road, cried the same tears and found the same strength. And you immediately recognize it in each other.

Meeting Tiffany was no exception – I could feel her strength and confidence, the energy bubbling out of her heart. It was contagious. And it was a reminder of why Living Dappled was created – to share the unrivaled strength and beauty that lives in each and every girl with vitiligo.

While Tiffany and I shared stories and rolled around on the skateboard, photographer Maria Christina snapped away, directing us as she went. One hour and a couple hundred photos later, we had the gallery below – and I had a new BFF.

– Erika Page, Founder & Editor in Chief

Photography by Maria Christina Design (

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