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The Morning Motivation Routine Everyone with Vitiligo Should Try

The Morning Motivation Routine Everyone with Vitiligo Should Try

woman with vitiligo holding cup that reads "you, my darling, matter"

Let’s just put it out there – everyone with vitiligo needs a little extra boost of confidence when we’re getting ready in the morning. It’s easy to look in the mirror and feel like crawling back into bed with Netflix instead of going about our lives. So how do we get that extra pep that will help us face the world?

We’re going to take a lesson from a little girl – this little girl to be exact:

If you haven’t seen the YouTube video of Jessica’s daily affirmation that went viral a few years ago, take a minute to watch it. It has over 17 million views for a reason. As she shouts out all of the things she loves on the bathroom counter, you can feel the zest and love she carries for life. And that’s the energy and power that those with vitiligo can have too.

Think about this: what if we woke up every morning, got in front of the mirror and chanted, “I love my vitiligo, I love my skin, I love my spots, I love my life!”

Trust me, I know it sounds crazy. I wake up every morning, remember I have vitiligo and think “oh boy, what does my tanner look like today, I wonder if I’ll be able to wear a dress without panicking.” Not exactly the life-affirming mantra that the little girl enthusiastically sings out.

But we can have that all-consuming passion for life, even with our spots. Perhaps standing on a bathroom sink and listing all the things you love isn’t your style. That’s okay. But you can do something in the morning to frame your day and remind yourself that it is possible to love the life you’re living.

So tomorrow morning, give one of these a try:

Write down one reason you’re happy to wake up today

Just name one thing that you are thankful, grateful or happy about, and write it down. Is there someone in your life you’re thankful for? Are you happy to be living where you are? Do you have a good job? Reminding yourself that you have something to be happy about will give you an uplifting start to your day.

Write yourself a note on the mirror

I’ve used lipstick to do this in the past, but write “you’re beautiful,” or “you got this,” or whatever self-encouragement you need most at the moment. Writing it down gives it some power and you’ll be reminded of it every time you come back to your mirror.

Give your reflection in the mirror a compliment

Sure, it can be hard to find something you love, or even like, about your body when you’re struggling with your spots. But say one thing you like about yourself, and maybe you’ll see that thing the next time you come back to the mirror.

What do you do to frame your day each morning or give yourself confidence?

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