Not Feeling Bikini-Ready? Let These 14 Women with Vitiligo Inspire You

If you live with vitiligo, it’s not necessarily easy to get in a swimsuit and ‘own your spots.’ Feelings of insecurity and anxiety can quickly bubble up – and that’s before people start staring. At least, that’s been my experience. And that’s why I admire these fourteen women with vitiligo proudly wearing bikinis.

As someone who spent almost two decades with spots, I know first-hand that summers – and especially swimsuits – can be difficult. Pulling on a swimsuit is like putting your insecurities under a spotlight. You give yourself a pep talk only to have your confidence start shrinking the moment you’re around other people. You feel uncomfortable, anxious – even panicky. And you pretend you’re okay, only to break down later once no one is watching. Trust me, I’ve been through all of it.

That’s why I often turn to the vitiligo community for support and inspiration. It takes courage and confidence to own your spots and there are countless women around the world doing just that. Here are just fourteen of them, who will hopefully inspire you to embrace the skin you’re in this summer.

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Photo by Jennifer Ignatius.

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Erika Page

Erika Page is a writer and blogger with universal vitiligo. Her first spots appeared on her spine when she was seven years old and today vitiligo covers her entire body. Based just south of Washington, D.C., Erika founded Living Dappled to create a community of inspiration and hope for girls and women living with vitiligo.

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