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Inside Vitiligo’s “Beautiful Both Ways” Campaign

Makeup? No makeup? You’re beautiful both ways – and now there’s a campaign to illustrate it.

Run by Litty Ligo, the campaign was sparked by a post in the community’s Facebook group. Sharing a side-by-side photo of herself with and without makeup, a young woman posted her heartfelt testimony about newfound confidence. The post inspired founder Sharon King to build the post into a full-blown campaign – and #BeautifulBothWays was created.

“I’ve spoken to men and women who feel like they can’t leave the house without concealing their vitiligo,” said Sharon. That’s a reality that she’s trying to change through Litty Ligo, an online community she founded to bring support and awareness to the vitiligo.

“Covering your vitiligo should be a choice, not a necessity,” said Sharon. “We are all at different points in our vitiligo journeys and this campaign will hopefully show our vitiligo family there is a least one person who feels the way they feel.”

Find a few of the #BeautifulBothWays posts below and share your own image on Instagram by tagging @LittyLigo.










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Simone Girma

A senior at Syracuse University, Simone Girma is pursuing a dual degree in Television, Radio and Film and Civic Engagement. She’s lived with vitiligo for eight years and has learned how to appreciate the story of her skin – something she aims to share with readers.


  1. Portia A Griffin

    My name is Portia Griffin age 57 I live in Greensboro, NC and have vitiligo. I am African American and would like to know about makeup and what kind you recommend. All the above pictures were beautiful. God Bless y’all and keep living your best lives.

    • Erika Page

      Portia, we’re actually launching a beauty and makeup product survey next week to find out the top makeup products used by those with vitiligo. Stay tuned!

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