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5 Reasons to Put Zanderm’s Vitiligo Concealer to the Test

5 Reasons to Put Zanderm’s Vitiligo Concealer to the Test

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Thanks to Zanderm for sponsoring this post and providing free testers to make this blog possible! Living Dappled did receive compensation for this post, but the opinions are our own. Learn more about native ads on our site.

As a twenty-something with universal vitiligo, I’ve spent almost half of my life experimenting with makeup, tanner, foundation and spray tans. Needless to say, I know a thing or two about coverage and concealers. In fact, I’ve worn full coverage for the past five years. That’s why Zanderm’s vitiligo concealer peaked my interest.

Looking through the ‘before and after’ photos on Zanderm’s website, I was astonished by the results I was seeing. A couple conversations and a little research later, I was convinced to put the brand to the test. Since I’m 100% naturally depigmented – essentially just very pale – I wear tanner on my body and foundation on my face to give my skin some color. Because of that, I decided to remove my foundation and apply the concealer to my face. Using five testers, I tried different shades on my arm to see how they matched with my tanner before applying it to my face.

Here’s what I found – and why I think you should give this product a try.

Zanderm’s vitiligo concealer has a formula that makes it stick – and doesn’t come off on clothes.

Hugging people, using white towels and putting on tops – three times I worry about my makeup or tanner getting on something it’s not supposed to be on. In fact, I awkwardly hug my husband to avoid getting foundation on his shirt – and he teases me every time. And I always bring my own towel – gray, not white – to hotels because I worry about ruining theirs. But not anymore. The concealer on my face not only dried quickly but stayed on even after a few quick tests. I gave my husband a full-fledged, face-on-shirt hug – and his shirt was fine. I tried on a few tops – and the shirts survived without a single smudge mark. Believe it or not, I don’t even own a white towel – so I’ll have to try that test another day. My face finally had color without the mess. Will I still wear foundation? Probably, because I like the fully flawless look it gives me. But the camouflage is a great addition to foundation.

It’s a 100% vegan product – you can thank their botanist for that.

Worrying about what’s in makeup and trying to decipher the ingredient list is half the battle when looking for new products. When it comes to Zanderm though, you don’t have to worry. In fact, Zanderm’s vitiligo camouflage is 100% vegan and natural thanks to one of the company’s partners, who also happens to be botanist. The concealer has three ingredients. The first is the pigment, which is made from food coloring. If it’s safe for your stomach, it’s safe for your skin. The second is DHA or dihydroxyacetone, which Zanderm derives from sugar beets. DHA reacts with your outer layer of skin cells to temporarily darken the skin. The last ingredient is witch hazel, a plant and natural topical astringent, which, according to WebMD, helps reduce swelling, repair broken skin and fight bacteria when applied directly to the skin. Oh, and by the way, the product is dermatologist tested and approved. The only small caveat? While the FDA allows DHA to be applied externally to your skin, the risks of applying it to your lips, nose and areas in and around the eye are unknown.

The tester is cheap – so you can try it for less than a Starbucks coffee.

One of my biggest frustrations with trying new makeups and tanners is the cost. You buy an expensive bottle only to find out you don’t like it after one application – and that’s money down the drain. That’s not the case with Zanderm. The first step when buying the concealer is to purchase testers – usually at least three – to find your shade. The tiny bottle of concealer, which has a mini applicator brush in the lid, rings up at just $1.99. Which means a 3-color testing set could possibly cost less than your Starbucks coffee. Not only that, but I was able to cover my entire face with the mini bottle – and there’s still plenty left. So while the tester is designed only to sample the shade, it comes with a good amount of product – and that’s just a bonus. Which begs the question – why would you not try it?

It comes with two types of applicators for easy coverage of spots.

I haven’t personally tested the applicators, but I’m impressed that you have not one, but two options for brushes to cover your patches. Vitiligo comes in all shapes and sizes and for those that want to use it to cover just their spots, you need to be able to color “inside the lines.” When you buy an actual bottle of concealer, you can buy it as a “precision applicator,” which looks like a pen or as a “wide applicator” which looks more like a sunscreen stick. Although I used the tester to apply the concealer to my face, I was wishing I had the wide applicator, which is probably best for anyone with large areas of depigmentation.

Zanderm has recently come out with more shades, making it easier to match your skin color.

Last but not least, I was impressed with the range of shades that the concealer comes in. I tried five different shades and even the “light neutral” concealer gave me a glow that could give my tanner a run for its money. The collection of colors you see on the site today includes their newest shades, which were just launched this past spring to provide more options. And according to Zanderm, adding multiple layers can also darken the coloring, giving you even more flexibility in matching your skin color.

Still have questions? We’ve got you covered. Tiffany Grant, a young mom with vitiligo, has been working behind-the-scenes with Zanderm to test new products. We’re going to have the chance to chat with her Facebook live – and you’re invited. Join us Wednesday, June 13 at 12 Noon EST on to see what Tiffany has to say about Zanderm and ask her questions.

Join the Facebook event here.

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  • Hi all
    I’ve tried Zanderm and to be honest was not impressed. If you live in a hot country or use it when you are travelling to a hot country it does not hold well. It comes off with body sweat and if in contact with water!
    Yes the colours can match well but what’s the point if it doesn’t hold.
    One suggestion which I have not tried yet is to use a acrylic holding spray over it and then finish with concealer powder. That could work.


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