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Editor Approved: UPF One-Piece Swimsuits You’ll Want to Wear

Editor Approved: UPF One-Piece Swimsuits You’ll Want to Wear


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Hello, summer. Long days of sunshine and swimming lie ahead and while your friends are reaching for their bikinis, you’re wondering how to keep your vitiligo safe – and avoid turning those white spots a shade of cherry pink.

If that’s you, you aren’t alone. After losing 100% of my skin’s pigment to vitiligo, I struggled to find a way to keep my sun-sensitive skin safe – and still look good doing it. I was tired of constantly applying sunscreen top to bottom and wanted a better way to keep my skin safe from the sun. That’s when I found a one-piece rash guard that changed my summer.

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The good news? These one-piece swimsuits are easy to find and today they’re typically made with UPF 50+ material. UPF – or ultraviolet protection factor – is a protection rating for clothing that measures the ability of clothing to protect against UVA and UVB rays. In other words, high-quality UPF clothing can provide the same – or better – protection as broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Here are five look-alike UPF one-piece swimsuits that you can shop today:

Product List

Rip Curl Playa Blanca S/Suit (White) Women’s Swimsuits One Piece • Rip Curl • $99.95

Rip Curl Playa Blanca Surfsuit (Black) Women’s Swimsuits One Piece • Rip Curl • $99.95

Marina West Women’s Rashguards Gingham – Black Gingham Zip-Front Rashguard – Women • $90

Women’s Long Sleeve One Piece Rashguard – All in MotionTM Floral • $39.99

Marina West Women’s Rashguards Leo/Rose – Pink & White Leopard Rose Zip-Front Rashguard – Women • $90

Rip Curl Coco Beach Cheeky Long Sleeve Swim (Turquoise) Women’s Swimsuits One Piece • Rip Curl • $109.95

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