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In the Know: Your Vitiligo News Roundup for September

In the Know: Your Vitiligo News Roundup for September

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There’s more happening in the vitiligo community today than ever before, from groundbreaking research and clinical trials to brands featuring vitiligo models and launching new products specifically for those with the condition. Vitiligo support groups and organizations are hosting events and providing educational resources. And ‘dappled darlings’ around the globe are stepping up and showing up to advocate for the skin we’re in.

Our editors are putting together highlights from the latest happenings around the vitiligo community with quick summaries so you can stay in-the-know and be as inspired as we are. This roundup will help you catch up on trending news and stories related to vitiligo.

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The new Vitiligo Barbie is now available in retail stores

When Barbie released its first vitiligo doll in January 2020, the vitiligo community celebrated. The world’s most iconic doll now had vitiligo and our inner six-year-old cried tears of joy. Then this past spring, Barbie announced its second doll with vitiligo, adding another skin color for diversity. Today you can shop the Vitiligo Barbie at Amazon, Target and Walmart. The best part? This vitiligo beauty is under $10. If you click ‘add to cart,’ be sure to tag us in a picture with your Barbie on Facebook or Instagram.

Vitiligo clinical study seeks patients for a procedure using the RECELL® System

Avita Medical is hosting a clinical trial evaluating an investigational device, named the RECELL® System, for the treatment of depigmented areas in patients with stable vitiligo. The multi-center study will assess the treatment of depigmented vitiligo lesions at 24 weeks in patients whose vitiligo is stable, meaning they have not had any new vitiligo lesions or increase in size of existing lesions for at least one year. Learn more and find out if you’re eligible.

“Strong In The Skin I’m In” book debuts on Amazon

Joti Gata-Aura, a vitiligo advocate from the UK, recently announced the launch of her new book, Strong In The Skin I’m In. The book covers Joti’s life with vitiligo, spanning a 21-year journey from covering her skin with clothes and makeup to finding acceptance and self-love. The mother and teacher shares her coping strategies, tips and techniques that helped her become confident in her skin. You can shop the book on Amazon.

The Vitiligo Society launched a new clothing and homewares shop

Perhaps the easiest way to show your vitiligo pride – or help answer questions about your skin without having to talk about it – is by wearing a tee. That’s why we’re thrilled to see the Vitiligo Society’s newly launched tee, accessories and homewares shop. You’ll find hoodies, hats, tees, mugs, pillows and more in their new empowering collection of goods. Even better? You can get 8% off the shop with discount code LivingDappled8. Shop the collection today.

The Global Vitiligo Foundation is hosting a study on alternative treatments

The Global Vitiligo Foundation is looking for participants for it’s survey study, Alternative Treatments for Vitiligo. The purpose of the study is to better understand beliefs about over-the-counter treatments for vitiligo. Participants must be over the age of 18, have been diagnosed with vitiligo by a licensed medical professional, and agree to consent to be eligible to complete the survey. Responses to the survey will be anonymous. You can access the 10-minute survey below. If you have any questions, reach out to the Global Vitiligo Foundation via Dr. Richard Huggins at or 845-826-3569.

Link to survey: 

VitFriends brings on a co-host for podcast

VitFriends, a vitiligo support group, recently announced Tiffany Grant, NYC resident most famously known for her “It’s called vitiligo” tattoo, as a co-host for it’s podcast about vitiligo. Tiffany joins VitFriends President Valarie Molyneaux on the podcast. You can find Tiffany’s first and second episodes on Coping with Vitiligo and Dating by searching for “VitFriends Vitiligo Support Group” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and IHeartRadio. 

Navigating Social Situations: Building Your Roadmap for Success

Hosted by Living Dappled
Saturday, October 16, 1-3 p.m. EST
Free for Dappled Darlings Members; $18/ticket for Non-Members
Register Now

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in social situations or experienced stress or spiraling negative thoughts from interactions with strangers, acquaintances, friends, or family? Have you ever been stared at, overheard rude remarks, or encountered discrimination due to your vitiligo? Have you ever thought back on a situation and wished you had responded or reacted differently? If you’ve experienced any of these challenges, you’re not alone, and it’s never too late to learn more rewarding and effective ways to handle these situations. Join us for a 2-hour interactive workshop with psychologist Lisa Schuster on how to build a toolkit for navigating social interactions with vitiligo. You’ll leave with your personal roadmap for handling social situations with vitiligo with confidence.

Kay Rai on Nutrition and Vitiligo

Hosted by the Vitiligo Society
Saturday, September 4, 2:30 p.m. EST
Free for Vitiligo Society Members
Register Now

Kay Rai a registered Naturopathic Nutritionist who works to restore good health using a functional medicine view. Her approach involves harnessing the power of nutrition and natural therapies backed by scientific evidence to suit individual needs given our unique genetic makeup, diet, lifestyle and environment have an undeniable impact on our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. During this event, Kay Rai will provide her own insight about nutrition and vitiligo and host a Q&A.

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