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Music Playlists for Girls with Vitiligo in Every Mood 

Music Playlists for Girls with Vitiligo in Every Mood 

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As a college student, I often walk from class to class seeing my peers with headphones in their ears, listening to music. I’m one of those students. Music has always been on outlet for me – and I’m willing to bet it’s an outlet for other girls with vitiligo too.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when you catch someone staring at your spots for too long? I have, and it always causes me to get stuck inside my head, lost in my own thoughts. And that’s where music usually comes in – music is a way to get out of my own head, a temporary relief to distract me from a painful moment and clear my mind.

Over time, I have come across a variety of genres of music and created playlists based to fit my different moods. Here are some of my favorite playlists on Spotify:

When you need perspective


Genre: R&B

Featured Artists: Ed Sheeran

As a huge Ed Sheeran fan, I made a playlist that compiles his deepest and most emotional songs. I listen to it whenever I am feeling really down and would like to gain perspective. This playlist is particularly useful when I am working on organizing myself and prioritizing my “to-do” lists. I find that this helps me relieve some stress and clears my mind to a more productive state.


When you need to build confidence


Genre: Pop

Featured Artists: Hailee Steinfeld, Macklemore, Skylar Grey, Sera Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Zedd, David Guetta, Sia, Alessia Cara

What I like to call the “ultimate girls anthem” playlist, these are the songs I listen to it whenever I need to feel empowered or confident in myself. In college, my best friends and I have a girls night sometimes where we listen to music like this and sing along while putting on face masks or doing our nails.

When you catch someone staring


Genre: Alternative/Soft Rock

Featured Artists: Train, Snow Patrol, The Fray, The Script, Hoobastank, Secondhand Serenade, Nickelback, Daughtry, Lifehouse

With an alternative and rock genre, this playlist is moody, but not quite sad. I listen to these songs whenever I’m in a mood because someone stared at my vitiligo for too long. It relieves my discomfort from the situation and takes my mind away from what just happened.

When you need to pull yourself out of a funk


Genre: Hip Hop/Contemporary R&B/Pop

Featured Artists: Iyaz, Jay Sean, Lil Wayne, Taio Cruz, Jason Derulo, The Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Jay Z, Sean Paul, Lil Jon, Usher, Pitbull, Flo Rida, David Guetta

When I’m in a funk, I like to listen to music that will make me want to dance. These are some of my favorite throwback songs from the 2000s that always get me up and going. After a long school day, I like to listen to these songs to de-stress and put myself in a better mood.

When you need to sit and reflect


Genre: Country

Featured Artists: Darius Rucker, Zac Brown Band, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, Sam Hunt, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw

This playlist is one that I play whenever I want to feel grounded and soulful. As a person who enjoys journaling and sketching, I listen to it when I am reflecting on the day. It helps me be more creative and it lifts my mood so I can more effectively finish whatever I need to get done before the next school day.

When you’re feeling social


Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Featured Artists: Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Migos, Gucci Mane, French Montana, Swae Lee, Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Bryson Tiller, Big Sean, Post Malone, Quavo

As a millennial and college student, I couldn’t resist adding a playlist that has some of the biggest hits of the year. I love listening to it while hanging out with my friends and even while driving around. I am almost always in a happy and sociable mood when I listen to this.

When you want to sing along


Genre: Pop/Radio Hits

Featured Artists: Charlie the Third, Faryn Browne, Eminem, Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Young Thug, Dua Lipa, Sam Smith, Halsey, Niall Horan, Maroon 5, SZA, Demi Lovato, Charlie Puth

This playlist is composed of some of my favorite Radio Hits from the past few months. It’s another great playlist for driving around or hanging out with friends. It’s the type of music that appears on the top charts, sometimes overplayed, but has a special place in my heart.

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