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25 New Year’s Resolutions for Those with Vitiligo

25 New Year’s Resolutions for Those with Vitiligo


Wondering how to push yourself in 2018? Looking for new habits to pick up – or old ones to break? Here’s an inspirational list for those with vitiligo looking to start fresh in the New Year.

#1 Up your self-care game

You matter – and that means the way you treat yourself matters. Think hydration, exercise, relaxation and getting enough sleep. Pick one and stick to a new habit that builds a better you.

#2 Only watch Netflix on weekends

Skip Netflix during the week and instead spend that time reading books and magazines that inspire and move you. Pick out your favorite novels or read the latest stories on your favorite blogs or online magazines.

#3 Follow 10 new body-positive social media accounts

Your social feeds might have a larger influence on your thoughts and emotions than you might think. Try adding new body-positive, feed-good or inspirational accounts to your feed to brighten your days.

#4 Make one friend in the vitiligo community

Do you know anyone who has vitiligo? I didn’t for the first 20 years of my life – and making friends who could understand exactly what I was going through was life-changing. Reach out to someone on social media and see where the connection goes.

#5 Start a gratitude journal

Write down three things you are thankful for before you go to bed each night. Ending your day with gratitude can change your perspective in ways you hadn’t anticipated – it did for me and I hope it does for you.

#6 Smile back at people who stare at you

Smiling at people who stare at you isn’t easy – but it might change your attitude and put the control back in your own hands. Try it for a day and see how long you can keep it up.

#7 Contact or message one friend or family member every day in 2018

Your family and friends are your support network and the people that you lean on when times get tough. Give back to them by actively reaching out and see what good things come back your way.

#8 Create an evening ritual to prepare for the next day

Relaxation and time for recharging is essential to starting each day renewed and ready to go. Create an evening ritual that gives you space to wind down and relax before bed and commit to the process every night.

#9 Find a new way to volunteer in your local community

Giving back can have surprising benefits – including boosting your own spirits by focusing on others instead of yourself. Find one way to get involved in your local community and commit to doing it once a month.

#10 Do one thing that pushes you outside of your comfort zone

What have you always wanted to try but been too scared to do? Make a commitment to doing it in 2018 and make a list of baby steps that can help you get there.

#11 Make a monthly donation to a company you believe in

Sometimes small contributions go a long way and can have lasting effects. Is there a company that you think is doing great work in the world today? Consider a small monthly donation to help them get farther in 2018.

#12 Start following #vitiligo on Instagram

The vitiligo community is thriving on Instagram. Follow #vitiligo to see inspiring posts and stories from others with vitiligo “living dappled” just like you.

#13 Book a trip to World Vitiligo Day 2018

Traveling to a new city can be expensive, but this trip will be life-changing – trust me. Learn more about the 2018 event and register today at

#14 Commit to cleaning out your closet once a month

According to the Today Show, only 20% of clothes actually make it off the hanger – so why keep the rest?! Revive your style and help feel your best with a monthly cleaning session.

#15 Get into nature at least once a week

Fresh air and exercise – sometimes it’s as simple as that. Try going to the park, riding your bike or going for a quick walk around your neighborhood at least once a week and see how it lifts your spirits.

#16 Redecorate your space

For some people, your environment can have a big impact on your mood. Take a look around your home and find a few things you can switch out to make it more relaxing and cozy.

#17 Say goodbye to a destructive habit

Easier said than done, of course. But if you don’t try, you won’t succeed. Choose one habit you want to get rid of and keep a daily journal that reflects on how well you did and what you might do differently the next day.

#18 Limit take-out food to once a week and save the money for a trip

What’s the one place you’ve always wanted to visit? Make 2018 the year you make it happen by limiting take-out to once a week and saving the change for the trip.

#19 Keep a weekly happiness journal

Focusing on the things that bring you joy in life through journaling can help you build a more positive outlook on life. Try keeping a weekly happiness journal like this one to fill your life with more happiness.

#20 Say goodbye to comparison

Comparing yourself to others can be emotionally damaging to your self-esteem. Say goodbye to comparison in 2018 by offering yourself a compliment every time you catch yourself doing it – and see if you can decrease the habit over time.

#21 Read or listen to one book a month centered on self-growth

Looking for happiness? Searching for confidence? Do you want to lead a simpler life? There are countless books that can inspire you to build a better life around any of these.

#22 Explore a creative hobby

Turn your time and attention towards something you love – even if just for a year. Focusing on a new project can help you stay focused on what you love, and forget the things you don’t.

#23 Give one compliment a day

Sometimes complimenting others can build a habit of self-love. Try giving one compliment a day and see how it changes your attitude on life.

#24 Learn one new life skill

Building a budget? Managing your time? Mastering a new makeup routine? 2018 could be your year to finally learn how to do that one thing that’s been nagging you.

#25 Try stream-of-consciousness journaling once a week

What’s on your mind most of the time? You might not even be aware – until you start stream-of-consciousness journaling. Grab a pen, set a time limit and journal about whatever is on your mind. Read back to see the trends and what you can learn about yourself.

What is your New Year resolution? 

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