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VRF CEO Publishes “A No-Nonsense Guide to Vitiligo”

VRF CEO Publishes “A No-Nonsense Guide to Vitiligo”

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Why is there still no cure for vitiligo? What types of treatments are out there? Are there household products that could be triggers for vitiligo? If you have vitiligo or know someone with vitiligo, chances are you’ve asked these same questions and headed to Google only to be overwhelmed by a tangle of conflicting information – until now.


Just this week, Vitiligo Research Foundation CEO Yan Valle’s newest book, “A No-Nonsense Guide to Vitiligo,” arrived in bookstores online. Available in print and as an e-book, the guide provides a comprehensive yet straight-forward look at vitiligo from three angles – body, environment and treatments. Filled with myth-busters and decoded medical jargon, Yan’s book offers readers the chance to sort fact from fiction without having to spend hours on web searches.

And that’s exactly what Yan intended when he wrote the book. After getting vitiligo at the age of six, Yan was prescribed PUVA therapy by a dermatologist but had to stop treatment because it made him sick. Gathering hundreds of publications about vitiligo, Yan dove into reading, only to become depressed by the vast array of conflicting facts and opinions. It was an experience that sparked a career in vitiligo research. Today, Yan serves as the CEO of the Vitiligo Research Foundation, a non-profit based in New York, where he is actively involved in improving quality of life for those affected by vitiligo and other skin disabilities both through the organization and the United Nations.

“An inevitable side effect of my professional and personal experiences is that I have learned vitiligo inside out,” said Yan. “I understand the hidden forces driving the disease, tried or am familiar with nearly every treatment available, and am able to recognize emerging technologies that can bring relief to vitiligo patients.”

Needless to say, his experience shows in the one-of-a-kind guide to vitiligo. Taking on some of the more complex topics for vitiligo patients, Yan arms readers with a thorough background and understanding on the vitiligo industry and the state of vitiligo treatments today.

Find more about the book and where to buy it at Watch Living Dappled’s Facebook Live interview with Yan here.

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  • I have ordered the book
    Have not recieved it yet. Looking forward to getting some answers
    I have vittilago on my forehead near 5e hairline, possibly on my head and left side of my face ‘ ear and cheak
    Scared to death of which way it will all go and how fast
    Trying different things

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