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Litty Ligo – A Social and Advocacy Network for Vitiligo

Litty Ligo – A Social and Advocacy Network for Vitiligo

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After getting vitiligo at the age of 12, Sharon King struggled as a black girl with white spots in middle school. Today, she’s on a mission to help others navigate their own struggles with vitiligo by creating educational and support resources for through Litty Ligo, an outreach and advocacy network for vitiligo.

Founded in 2017, Litty Ligo has become a thriving community for those with vitiligo. Today, the organization offers countless programs designed to help individuals get connected and find the inspiration and support they need to live confidently. Here are some of the events and programs offered by Litty Ligo:

Watch the “Meet” Series on YouTube

Litty Ligo’s Meet Series, housed on YouTube, is a series of videos featuring people from all walks of life talking about their vitiligo in their own words. You’ll meet a former bodybuilder, actor and model, a Litty Committee Advocate and a five-year old. Visit YouTube to hear their stories. To be a part of the series, email Sharon King at

Give your child a space to learn and play with the Litty Kids Committee

The Litty Kids Committee is a program for children created in partnership with parent mentors who help shape the content. Meet ups for kids are hosted every two weeks with events featuring activities like painting. Meet ups are open to everyone, but you can become a member of the Litty Kids Committee at Members will receive a a superhero welcome kit – complete with a cape – in addition to access to mentors, wellness resources and opportunities for advocacy and awareness.

Donate and receive vitiligo swag through the Sponsorship Program

Do you love vitiligo swag? Do you want to help others with vitiligo get access to their swag? Litty Ligo’s sponsorship program is set up to do just that. Donors can visit the page to buy items to be donated to the program – including toys, accessories, sweatshirts, custom tees and tickets to the annual U.S. World Vitiligo Day Conference. Donate an item or apply to receive swag today.

Request financial support from the Impacted Families Community Fund

Litty Ligo wants to help support families in need within the vitiligo community and beyond. Proceeds from events go to the Impacted Families Community Fund to support those facing financial hardship. Recipients of a small financial gift are selected after going through an application process. Apply for the fund today.

Join a Speakeasy event

Using a panel style platform, the Speakeasy Program hosts conversations about societal norms and stigmas that be superficial. Past panel events have included topics like how Michael Jackson shaped the way the world views vitiligo and the role of parents and educators when it comes to vitiligo. Learn more about Speakeasy events today.

Tune into Triggerish

Triggerish – a name created with inspiration from the tv show Blackish and the term ‘triggers’ – is a no holds barred conversation between friends about family dynamics and health. The first episode explored Haitian culture and the second episode – coming soon – will explore being Black in America. The second episode will premiere October 25th in honor of Philadelphia’s Million Woman March. Learn more about the Triggerish events and recorded conversations.

Learn more about Litty Ligo and its program offerings at Questions can be directed to Sharon King at

Attend a social meetup

Litty Ligo hosts social meet ups every Thursday from 7:30-10:30 p.m. EST. These events are open to those with vitiligo over the age of 18 and cover a range of topics about life with vitiligo. A recent topic included dating with vitiligo. You can register to attend at

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