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This Italian Family of Plastic Surgeons Created a Foundation Cream for Vitiligo

This Italian Family of Plastic Surgeons Created a Foundation Cream for Vitiligo

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Forty years ago, Luca Piombino’s parents noticed that their plastic and cosmetic surgery patients were in need of a product that would cover the bruises, scarring and redness from procedures. So, they created one. Today, that product – RiparCover Foundation Cream – is used to provide long-lasting coverage for vitiligo in addition to skin concerns and conditions including rosacea, scarring and birthmarks. And the Italian family is still at the center of it all.

“Some Italian families make wine, others leather or textiles,” said Luca, a board-certified plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon and Ripar’s CEO and President. “Our family is passionate about helping everyone – no matter the skin type – to perfect their own version of beauty and feel confident about their appearance.”

The family takes this passion seriously. Leveraging the medical expertise of two generations, the Piombinos are still at the heart of every part of the business. And all RiparCover products are produced in-house at the company’s lab in Italy.

How RiparCover Foundation Cream for Vitiligo Works

RiparCover Foundation Cream is a waterproof makeup that can be used on the face and body to cover vitiligo and provide long-lasting coverage. With 24 shades, the Foundation Cream is designed to eliminate the contrast between depigmented patches of vitiligo and a broad array of skin tones.

Here’s how it works: RiparCover recommends applying two shades of Foundation Cream. First, apply one of their recommended shades to your vitiligo spots to decrease the contrast. Then, apply the Foundation Cream color that matches your normal skin tone. You can use RiparCover’s shade selection tool to determine which shade is best for you.

Combined with a setting powder and setting spray, the Foundation Cream provides 16-hour coverage of vitiligo. And both the Foundation Cream and Setting Powder are transfer-proof and water-resistant. (Yes, you can swim with RiparCover.)

Ready to shop? Here’s a look at RiparCover products for vitiligo coverage:

RiparCover Foundation Cream

Shop Now: RiparCover Foundation Cream, $25-49

RiparCover Foundation Cream is a waterproof makeup for the body and face designed to cover rosacea, acne, dark spots, surgical scars and – you guessed it – vitiligo. Available in 24 shades, the foundation is transfer-proof in addition to being sweat and water resistant. The foundation comes in regular and travel sizes – 0.42 ounce ($49) and 0.15 oz ($25).

You can use RiparCover’s shade selection tool to find the color that best matches your skin tone. I tried the Foundation Cream Light Skin Tones Palette, and the lightest shade (top left corner) matched my depigmented skin, which is ivory in color. Since I’ve lost 100% of my skin’s pigment to vitiligo, I wasn’t using it to cover vitiligo, but it did cover the rosacea around my nose.

RiparCover Setting Powder

Shop Now: RiparCover Setting Powder, $37

Here’s the key to long-lasting coverage with RiparCover’s beauty line. RiparCover Setting Powder is a translucent, matte powder that allows for the full 16-hour coverage and all-day performance when paired with the Foundation Cream. Why use a setting powder? The powder allows the foundation cream to be water and transfer-proof, so you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes. The powder is applied by patting or brushing it on your skin over the Foundation Cream.

Here’s a fun test: If you’re wondering if your makeup is transfer-proof, hold a white tissue up to your face and then pull it away. If the tissue is still white, it is transfer-proof. In the video tutorial below, you’ll see the model do this same test.

RiparCover Powder Puff

Shop Now: RiparCover Powder Puff, $10

Who doesn’t love a velvety puff?! The RiparCover Powder Puff is a soft beauty tool for application of the setting powder. Simply place the loose powder on the puff and apply to the face or body in the areas where you have applied the foundation cream.

RiparCover Makeup Setting Spray

Shop Now: RiparCover Makeup Setting Spray, $33

RiparCover Makeup Setting Spray is a lightweight and non-sticky mist that keeps makeup in place to provide long-lasting coverage. To apply, just shake, close your eyes and mouth, hold 8-10 inches away from your face and mist evenly onto your skin.

Learn how to apply RiparCover products with this vitiligo makeup tutorial

Looking to learn more? RiparCover has a host of easy, step-by-step makeup tutorials on its website including one for each product featured above and one for specifically for applying these products to vitiligo. The product isn’t hard to use – but RiparCover representatives shared that the right application is important to get full-length coverage.

Below, London-based vitiligo model Eva Kyne-Sam (who gives RiparCover 10 out of 10!) shows you how to apply the RiparCover products to cover vitiligo. If Eva looks familiar, you might recognize her from photographer Brock Elbank’s recent vitiligo portrait series.

RiparCover Vitiligo Makeup Tutorial

Learn more about RiparCover’s foundation and beauty products for vitiligo at

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