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These 6 Brands Created Vitiligo Makeup and Camouflages

These 6 Brands Created Vitiligo Makeup and Camouflages

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Covering or interested in covering your vitiligo? Good news—today there are more products on the market than ever before that were created to camouflage vitiligo. While name brand makeup and camouflage products can be used to cover vitiligo, there are now brands that have created products specially designed to help cover vitiligo. Even better? This means that they also provide training, tools and support for application on depigmented areas of skin.

Here are six brands that have created makeup or camouflage options for vitiligo and an introduction to each.

Vitiligo Vanquish vitiligo camouflage
Vitiligo Vanquish vitiligo camouflage

Vitiligo Vanquish (Camouflage)

Vitiligo Vanquish is a liquid camouflage created by Jackie McDonald, a woman who has lived with vitiligo for more than 25 years, in partnership with Fake Bake. Vitiligo Vanquish comes in a kit that includes a 6-ounce camouflage liquid, large and small application brushes, a glass dipping and storage jar, washable blotting cloth and optional color-customizing drops. You’ll also find detailed instructions and a tutorial video to help you feel confident in using and applying the product. Vitiligo Vanquish offers a “mitt kit” add-on that includes a mitt and spray top to allow for coverage of larger areas of skin.

Products: Vitiligo Vanquish Kit, VV Mitt Kit Add-On

Price: $39/kit

Application Method: Brush or mitt

Color Options: Vitiligo Vanquish comes in one color and is customizable with the use of blue and black dye drops that are included in the kit, along with a guide to creating your custom color. You can also request a tutorial and color consultation by emailing

Example: Before & After Photos

Website: Shop Vitiligo Vanquish

RiparCover foundation cream
RiparCover foundation cream

RiparCover (Makeup)

RiparCover is an Italian beauty brand that created a foundation cream to cover bruises, scarring and redness for cosmetic surgery patients. Today, that product—RiparCover Foundation Cream—is used to cover a number of skin conditions, including vitiligo. RiparCover Foundation Cream is a waterproof makeup that can be used on the face and body to cover vitiligo and provide long-lasting coverage. With 24 shades, the foundation cream is designed to eliminate the contrast between depigmented patches of vitiligo and a broad array of skin tones. RiparCover also provides a tutorial video on how to apply the foundation.

Products: RiparCover Foundation Cream, RiparCover Setting Powder, RiparCover Powder Puff, RiparCover Makeup Setting Spray, RiparCover Color Concealer Cream (For a full list of products, visit the website)

Price: $25-49

Application Method: Finger application

Color Options: The Foundation Cream is available in 24 shades. You can use RiparCover’s shade selection tool to find the color that best matches your skin tone.

Website: Shop RiparCover

Zanderm vitiligo camouflage
Zanderm vitiligo camouflage

Zanderm (Camouflage)

Zanderm is a camouflage for vitiligo that is applied via an applicator pen and is available in 14 colors. Pens can be purchased as wide or precision applicators for large or small areas of coverage. The website provides a tutorial on how to apply Zanderm to vitiligo

Products: Wide Applicator, Precision Applicator, 3 Pack Sampler

Price: $25-$48

Application Method: Application pen

Color Options: Zanderm is available in 14 colors. First-time customers can purchase a precision applicator for $9 each (limit 3 per customer) with the coupon code TESTER. You can request help with finding your shade by submitting a picture.

Example: Before & After Photos

Website: Shop Zanderm

Microskin vitiligo camouflage
Microskin vitiligo camouflage

Microskin™ (Camouflage)

Microskin is a durable, waterproof camouflage for vitiligo that uses a patented simulated skin technology to cover the skin. A full Microskin application set comes with the camouflage, stipple sponge applicator, Microseal powder, Microskin Removing Serum, equipment cleaner, mixing bowl and powder puff. Microskin offers training videos and has Microskin™ Certified practitioners that can help determine the best color and application methods for your skin. You can shop for Microskin online or at one of the Microskin™ Certified Practitioner locations.

Products: Camouflage by Microskin™, Essentials Kit, Microseal Powder, Removing Serum, Equipment Cleaner, Microseal Powder Puff, Camouflage Airbrush Kit  (For a full list of products, visit the website)

Price: £89+

Application Method: Stipple sponge or airbrush

Color Options: Microskin is available in 35 colors ranging from pure ivory to ebony. You can download the Microskin Colour Match App on any iOS or Android smartphone to find your color match. You can also get an in-person consultation at one of the Microskin™ Certified Practitioner locations, available in New York (U.S.), the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, India and a few other countries.

Example: Before & After Photos

Website: Shop Microskin

Vitiliglow vitiligo camouflage
Vitiliglow vitiligo camouflage

Vitiliglow™ (Camouflage)

Vitiliglow is a liquid camouflage that is applied to the skin with a brush, sponge or the fingers. The product comes in 11 shades and dark and light drops can be purchased and mixed into any shade to further customize the color. Vitiliglow has several tutorial videos that show you how to apply the product to the hands, face, legs and feet.

Products: VITILIGLOW®, VITILIGLOW® Prep/Remover, VITILIGLOW® Glow Dark Drops, VITILIGLOW® Glow Light Drops (For a full list of products, visit the website)

Price: £22.50+

Application Method: Brush, sponge or finger application

Color Options: Vitiliglow comes in 11 shades ranging from light warm to ebony cool. You can purchase a shade chart on the company’s website.

Example: Before & After Photos

Website: Shop Vitiliglow

Dermablend makeup
Dermablend makeup

Dermablend® (Makeup)

Dermablend is a L’Oréal brand that offers makeup coverage for vitiligo on the face and body. The brand’s product suite includes a cover cream, leg and body makeup, Continuous Correction™ CC cream, concealer, primer and loose setting powder. Dermablend’s tutorial library offers a host of videos on coverage and frequently asked questions, but you can also chat with representatives online. Dermablend can be purchased online or through select retail locations including Ulta and Walmart. You can chat with a Dermablend representative through the website.

Products: Cover Creme, Leg and Body Makeup, Continuous Correction™ CC Cream, Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer, Insta-Grip™ Jelly Makeup Primer, Banana Powder (For a full list of products, visit the website)

Price: $36+

Application Method: Finger application

Color Options: Dermablend’s Leg and Body Makeup comes in 12 shades, and the Cover Creme is available in 24 shades. You can use the “Find My Shade” feature on the product pages to find your best color match compared to the products you are currently using from other brands. You can also use the brand’s 3-question Shade Finder Foundation Quiz.

Website: Shop Dermablend

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